What Does Francisville – The Immaculate Conception – French American Catholicism – Indiana -Sister Frances Xavier and October 3rd Have In Common ?

 Find out here in —> October 3 – Mother Théodore Guérin – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


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Franciscan Friars Third Order – The Transitus Of Saint Francis – survives the progressivism and iconoclasm era of Catholic conciliarism (barely) ….

 Since this rite of intensification has become an annual expectation for most friars, sisters, and seculars, a consideration of its origins and meanings seems worthwhile and timely. It is surprising that no historical study of the Transitus has been undertaken in the past three decades when so much ritual flux has been the order of the day. Questions begin to emerge when Franciscans with a living memory of the pre-conciliar era think critically about the Transitus. Who fills the roles of the various ministries in the rite? Who presides? Does it matter who presides? What does the presider wear? Does it matter what the presider wears? What do Franciscans in the assembly wear? Does it matter what they wear? Who reads the narrative text? Who cantors? What is the role of the assembly? What texts, sung or spoken, are included or not included in the rite? When is the rite celebrated? Where is the rite celebrated? How is the rite enacted? What are the gestures and postures taken by the ministry, by the assembly? What are the primary ritual objects? How do they interact with one another? Why do we even bother to enact the rite each year?


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Mother Théodore had promised, that if she recovered, to have a statue of the Immaculate Conception for the convent chapel