Excellent Article scanned in from New Orthodox Review from earlier this past year but “O so applicable”

The Antichrist In Political Philosophy and The Catastrophic Inner-Worldly End by Father James V. Schall  (A long time Catholic Professor & Writer who is one of the last of the remaining non-dissident Jesuits) on the link —>


More Recent writings of his that play into the current religio-politco context

On Jobs – Father James Schall – On The Catholic Thing


On the other side of the new coin is

.……. the new Heterodox Jesuit mainstream of Catholicism  Interesting article on the dissident priestly philosophy and ethics Professor Chair of Georgetown University  – extolling muslim Resistance to Israel’s occupation of what he calls “their land”Father Christiansen is the former editor in chief of the Jesuit weekly dissidence called “America” as well as the former Director of the USCCB’s Office of International Justice and Peace – The Bishop’s committee which oversaw the majority of the financial grants of the Democrat run executive branch of the federal government to the USCCB Last count was $90M – Those credentials alone should sum up his political orientation which could essentially be termed Obama Administration on steroids and/or even more radically so.

Errant Georgetown Professor Pro-Muslim Ant-Semetic Philosophies and Politics In Review


More Father Drew heterodox positions on Heresy Hunter in Idealizations and Rationalized Resolutions article


The New World Order-

Hillary is The Enemy Of The Church | Catholic Video News On The Vortex


Some excellent articles on Life Site News collected herein on the Trump News from a real Catholic perspective

The uncomfortable truth about Christian support for Trump | | Lifesitenews

“That’s why the left-wing pundits don’t understand why Christians could countenance voting for Trump, and why no one is listening to them.  Because they think that Donald Trump is crazy, but they also think that dismembering and beheading a child in the womb is a wonderful right. They think that chemically castrating a gender-confused child is a sane thing to do. They think that people should have the right to kill themselves. They think that Christians are backwards, stupid, and outdated. And thus they don’t understand that when Christians read their columns pointing out how obvious it is that Hillary Clinton is the only reasonable candidate to vote for, they read that in context of everything else they believe—and they don’t take it particularly seriously.”


Trump reaches out to Catholics, names advisory board that includes Santorum, Brownback | News | LifeSite


Donald Trump Releases 2nd List of Potential Supreme Court Justices, “Conservatives Should be Pleased” | LifeNews.com


Saint Michael vs_Luca_& the fallen_angels by GIORDANO

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Öèôðîâàÿ ðåïðîäóêöèÿ íàõîäèòñÿ â èíòåðíåò-ìóçåå Gallerix.ru