They say that Modernism of the type prophesied by our Lady and predicted and preached against by Popes, Pius X, Pius XI, Benedict XV, and Pius XII is the synthesis of all heresies

Enclosed please find the scanned and pdf’d Chapter on Luther from the Catholic Priest and renowned historian Msgr. Philip Hughes – History of the Church Volume # III – The Revolt Against The Church  (1940s Nil Obistat Eduardos Can Mahoney StD and Imprimatur Cardinal Bernardus Cardinas) —>


Confirming Catholic teaching on Indulgences “to be a remission of punishment to which sinners may remain liable even when the mercy of God has forgiven the sin”

Diametrically opposed of the new Mercy that is advocated today where the required justice component is never mentioned, nor the relationship to the perfect contrition that can occur outside the Sacrament of Penance Confessional only when it is accompanied by perfect attrition within the Sacrament of Penance

Indulgences “Worked off’ in part by the sinner’s willing performance of good actions that goes beyond the goodness to which he is bound

Giving over to the sinner , the Church authorizes some part of the treasure of the infinite merits of the Passion of the Lord and the satisfaction made by many Saints and Martyrs that followed – declared relieved by the authority given to her (the Church) by God himself

This is not against eternal punishment but against the temporal punishment that will have its end in this world or the world to come

Also applicable to the Holy Souls in Purgatory – and can be made “to profit the dead” in the process of purging imperfections in preparation for heaven

Not applied to the dead by judicial act of direct absolution from punishment but as an official suffrage on the part of the Church Militant for the Church Suffering as granted by the Church Triumphant in its three triumvirate parts

Plenary Indulgences must always have the good act in the performance of the good work attached in a state of grace to the Sacraments of Penance and The Body of Christ in Holy Communion – which becomes “super erogation”

These are the infallible teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and to which Lutheranism in all its varied forms are diametrically opposed to

The only reform the Council of Trent amended was financial contributions for plenary indulgences – Although still a component of some of the great indulgences gained for the dead by devout Catholics while accompanying the Pilgrimages – Fastings and Additional special prayers, money and the erecting of statues and stained glass and the like and donations on behalf of the dead can now only be optional accompaniment to the required prayers – That was the only reform

People forget that the Altar over the tomb of Peter and the Basilica were erected due to some of the greatest indulgence programs ever enacted – Catholic companies and the Catholic worker guilds and their workers tithed to the Plenary Indulgences for periods of proscribed years – The Council of Trent only rescinded the ecclesial abuses of it in the far corners of Christendom

One of Luther’s 95 thesis only addressed this one in overview – The German Ecclesial Nobility and their scholars gave Luther the re-engineering to form over the following by years from 1517 to 1521 the basis of a theological revolt tied to a German social hierarchy and economic revolt against the Catholic Church

In his Wittenberg lectures he then re-engineered the interpretations of Galatians and Romans to back into his thesis AFTER THE FACT

He then cherry picked Sacred Scripture to condemn many elements of Sacred Tradition and used the two wedded together and inseparable components of the Word of God to create the appearance of many contradictions to support his new German Nobility Economic model

Prior to his revolt he was an Augustinian Monk that had a vocation crisis – And wanted to do ministry work and also be in the world – In those days ascetic religious Priests and secular Diocesan Priests would never switch back and forth between a monastic life and a working life in the world

He was given so many different teaching jobs and writing jobs that by his own admission in lecture and writing he stated “ It is seldom that I have the time for the recitation of the Divine Office or celebrate Mass and then too (he said) I have my ‘peculiar’ temptations from the flesh”

Is it any surprise that he suddenly fits right in with today’s ecclesial environments

Upon his apostasy he desecrated the virginity of vowed nun – with the both of them having forsaken the Sacrament of Monastic Vows he then decried his marriage to her and all marriages were no longer a Sacrament

His selfishness to maintain a public personality as an ecclesial against his crisis of vocation as an Augustinian Monk haunted him – He also wrote and spoke in revolting terms about sex life and most vociferously about his own sexual relations with his (now non-Catholic) wife and his entitlement based on the higher plane of German nationally to which we also saw having almost destroyed early Rome in the days of the Germanic Tribes that wished to unify to rule the west

He was fed other doctrines on (German) predestination to which he converted to his doctrine on those God predestines to hell even before their existence

The main thesis of his Luthernaism was namely that the whole work of Grace and of Salvation is something all together external to man in cause and effect

In his lectures on Isiah he completed the thesis of his new religion – even though many new heretical elements would be added over time

“Christianity, he said, is nothing but a perpetual exercise in feeling that you have no sin, although committed sin, but that your sins are attached to Christ “ the exact words of Luther and the Jesuitism foundation of the separation of morality and sin from piety and practice of religion

In the words of the historian Msgr. Hughes in his text book that was used in Catholic Universities for years – Luther was the last of the great medieval heretics The importance of Luther to recognizes not the obscure  theological ideas he invented  but the combining of them with the theologiico- social ideas underway in the economy of the time he then gave proper authority to religious belief as it relates to social and economic revolt at the heart of it

In other words at this period in time of the social hierarchy and economy the people would have easily accepted the devil himself if he had a good proposal for them to remake society

What gave power to the little man was to turn it into a practical “German program” of the ruling classes that would make them and not Rome supreme in German life and it appealed explicitly to the same temptation the German people have always historically fallen victim to that it was Germany’s destiny to rule mankind for mankind’s greater good and destiny

And from it the new theory that the Church no longer needs a central head descendant from Peter that the head is no longer monogamous but the head is invisible and many & the possession of the keys are with whom the new German nobility classed as the true believers His pamphlets on the Babylonian captivity and the Liberty of The Christian Man were, by the 1520s distributed to over half of northern Europe

The noble princes he said must now regain by force that which Popes have unjustly called to themselves as their own – the monks must free themselves of vows and Priests must find ways to steal from the Pope their right to marry and live like laymen “ Here in Luther’s words we see the words of high ranking ecclesials of today

That the Council has authority over the Pope and the Priests must be let to marry – Here we can see how Luther the reformer of abuses of religion makes provision for all the immense and disorderly dreams which for more than a hundred years to this date had been troubling the clamoring German heart – quarantining Germany full economic and cultural independence not only over Rome but also over the other sovereign states to which many quickly wanted a taste of

For those that understand  the Reformation know that it was only made a matter of religion in our centuries in their centuries the very hard to defend religious portion was reverse engineered and backed into from what was primarily a socio economic movement

And he achieved this simply by revolutionizing the definition of Grace as something wholly external to man’s soul and if everyone were to say yes the money and power will power in – It’s basically Satan at the top of temple saying to the Son of God and then all this will be yours if you just say yes-

Luther’s first target had been an element that the current Holy father embraces the attacks of works done in a Pelagian spirit saying the Church has no power to deliver anyone from sin only the conscience of the person can do that – Sound familiar ? it’s the words of Pope Francis the I verbatim

Luther then went far beyond his revolutionary contemporaries of the day like Cajetan and other heretical writers in the same way today’s Popes read and re-read Teliard Chardin as the philosopher that informs their new theology


Martin Luther was an out and out disgraceful heretic and for any Catholic to give honor – or recognition to the anniversary of his apostasy is itself a formal and material heresy as infallibly taught by the eternal magisterium of the Catholic Church

This remains one of the primary reasons why the widening divide continues between Infallible Roman Catholicism and much of the new Catholic Church teachings

Below please find the many articles written by trustworthy sources from amongst the faithful of Catholic academia and traditional Catholicism

To be continued …………………..

May the coming centenary of Our Lady of Fatima set things proper as we say Pray For Us

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