I highly recommend that everyone watch this top Catholic philosopher & theologian from Austria discuss here on video , calmly and intelligently, illustrating the core problems and heresies from the Pope’s teachings and why they must be recalled as admitted errors in order to avoid schism in the Church


Top philosopher: Pope must revoke ‘objectively heretical’ statements to avoid schism | News | LifeSite


What we have learned from these instances is Canon Law and Ecclesiastical protocol

Although our Pope has stated many things in his Pontificate that are heretical – we as lay people cannot call the Pope a heretic

Cannon Law dictates that he must #1 hold these rebellious doctrines consistently over time and #2 be accused not by theologians and lay people (as in the below) but by members of the Sacred College of Cardinals

The correct theology of the participation in the Body of Christ as a whole in its positive sense and why personal or otherwise individual conscience clearing via a single Sacrament violates Catholic theology and Sacred Scripture can be found here in this article immediately below

And although I would consider both Veronica Arntz and her take off of Robert Royal both more neo-cons (neo-conservatives) than traditional Catholics – the theological take gives insight into this protestantization of the individual and the individual’s conscience over the collective Catholic

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Redux On The 45 Theologians & Scholars Formally Request Correction of Amoris Laetitia – and

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Vox Cantoris: Bishop Athanasius Schneider issues public letter on Amoris Laetitia interpretation, with the highly regarded Bishop agreeing with the Remnant’s Christopher Ferrara – their treatise against our Pope’s teaching can be found within the letter posted on Vox Cantor this summer


In a more Polemical Piece On The Same Topic A Public Letter From Two Traditional Catholic Journals

With Burning Concern: We Accuse Pope Francis https://remnantnewspaper.com/web/index.php/articles/item/2766-with-burning-concern-we-accuse-pope-francis

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Save Our Church – Errors & Heresies promulgated by FutureChurch/Call to Action.—> One of the main tenants of the organization ‘Future Church’ that is partnered with Call To Action is as follows  #3. The human conscience is a higher authority than the official position of the Church on doctrine and moral teaching http://www.saveourchurch.org/fchurchitems.html This is also one of the primary tenants of the new Jesuitism of the doctrine of Pope Francis I and as seen now in two of encyclicals as well as, or including , within transcripts of his ‘airplane interviews’ .

 This dissident org who’s # 1 mission is to Ordain Women & Homosexuals and have sections of Sacred Scripture omitted will be presenting an award to a dissident Canadian Catholic Archbishop of Quebec, Paul-André Durocher who has just agreed (via National US Catholic media )to accept the award in an upcoming presentation https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/canadian-archbishop-to-accept-award-from-womens-ordination-advocacy-group-f

In any other era prior to the Council 99 votes to 1 says that this Bishop would have been excommunicated But again the new Catholic religion has no justice associated with its new form of Mercy it is unbolted from it assuredly as sin is being unbolted from law. Reason dictates this is not possible but then again reason also dictates that our God made only two sexes and the 3rd sex that fallen creation in conjunction with the fallen angels seeks to have exalted as its own creation is being told to our children is “reasonable”

Anyone would be hard pressed to deny the truth that there is civil war on within the highest levels of the Catholic Church, a battle for her soul is being waged just outside the gates of the Church of Nice people that continue to maintain the party line of denial.

My comments on all this

If we get under the hood on the actual theological elements of what we are talking about in this new age Jesuitism . Some say it is masonic doctrinal teaching, others say it is a new form of protestantized Catholicism, still others say that it is classic Jesuitism that violates the reason component (of by Faith and Reason) by declaring that the splitting of conscience from practice is possible . Whichever combination or portions of these heresies it is we find some glaring things that cannot be contested

Most of this new teaching is being waged under the banner of Mercy – but what type of Mercy did Jesus’ apostles pass down that is the deposit of our Faith?

“Mercy without Justice is confusion “Thomas Aquinas” Then ultimately it is concluded by same that Mercy without repentance and reparation through attrition and contrition is a false Mercy

Catholicism is a body of absolute Truths not the individualisms of protestantism Rather Western humanity has brought the Catholic mind into a NEW captivity into seeing itself as an association of human beings who accept these Truths to different degrees  It has enabled high level prelates from various social revolutions beginning from the earliest times and galvanized during the French revolution to set itself to enter the Church The hijack is clearly the current age’s philosophy, a con into believing that one can simultaneously hold the Catholic Faith and philosophical positions incompatible with it and believe that they might continue unabated without interference or a resistance movement against it This is the essence of anti-Catholic thought within the Catholic Church at a host of varied ecclesial levels & lay political hierarchies  Different understandings of the Sacrament of Penance for instance (summarized by Vatican II as “servile fear”) yet the orthopraxic work outside the confessional is what is called Perfect Contrition The entire punishment may be remitted outside the Confessional yet the Attrition of the imperfect Confession in the Confessional are still requisitely necessary  The Body of Christ physical and mystical with and of the Catholic Church is the same thing. This new proposed Catholic dogma proclaims “No it is not”

Is the Papal Tierra never to be worn again ?