The Relationship Between Our Pope And The USCCB Is = George –

DCLeaks Bombshell: The Soros/Francis Alliance Confirmed

Scandal Breaks Loose In Tenn As U.S. bishop makes ‘erotic’ sex-ed mandatory, Cites The Pope’s Approval Of A Vatican Sex-ed Program, as precedent to parents wanting opt-out | News | Lifesitenews

While Archbishop of Baltimore Lori who is also the chaplain of the Knights of Columbus rebukes US Government official’s claim that religious liberty is just ‘code’ for ‘homophobia’ and does so in one forum| LifeSite In the parishes forum he absolutely resolutely refuses to do his job and bring an end to the rampant celebration of sodomy in one of his parishes. Saint Matthew’s parish in the Archdiocese of Baltimore has a gay program called LEAD, which stands for LGBT Educating and Affirming Diversity. It is a model parish for homo-Catholicism, rejecting every Church teaching on sexuality and led by a dissident priest, Fr. Joseph Muth. Hint –One of the largest Military complexes in the United States is in the center of his Diocese

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New York archdiocese will host pro-abort Hillary Clinton for speech at $3,000-per-plate dinner | News | LifeSite

The corruption then flows downstream as Jesuit High School Bans Criticism of Tim Kaine

The Insidious Way Obama is Funneling Money to the Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz | LifeNews.com

All of these people colorfully pictured meeting in this coverage with Francis I at Assisi event are activists for their respective religions – none of which are Catholic – and the far majority of which will never become Catholic

Pope meets religious leaders and refugees at Assisi peace day –

Papal Letter Appearing to Support Communion for Divorced & Remarried Emerges – OnePeterFive

Donald Trump has undergone a transformation in recent months that many did not think possible | | LifeSite

Why the Truth is so essential to get out because reform can only come from going into dark corners and shedding light with Truth and Truth must contain the Crusader Spirit

The Crusader Spirit – True Love Is Proved by Dedication & Combativity by Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

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