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“No one shall ascend to the Bishopric order that has a different ideology other than the prevailing ideology” (post conciliar neo-Vatican II progressivism)

In another story developing this week our current Pope is ordering changes to Canon Law to liberalize any language that has any prohibition on Eastern Rites and give them Primacy over the former Latin Rite in any dispute – ceremony or Rite

Tomorrow we will highlight further differences between the new religion of Jesuitism and traditional Catholicism

One premier analogy is the theology differences of Divine Mercy devotions and that of the Divine Sacred Heart

The new DM devotion is an amnesty that requires no reparation or work to attain –

The Sacred Heart devotions are entire programs of gradual reparation to the Divine Sacred Heart of Jesus and the relationship between the Immaculate Heart – that sits at the center of the inseparable relationship between the Immaculate Conception and the Holy Ghost only made possible to attain and sustain efficacious grace by the shedding of Blood from the heart of the Son of God and our constant unification with it through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in a state of grace

More on the theological differences between the two religions (or religious states, shall we say) within the Catholic Church

The multiple prophesies of there being two Popes prevails

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Information on the Apparitions of Garabandal confirm the Fatima messages contained warnings of the infiltration of the Church and the coming chastisements

The late Father Gruner visited Father Gabriel Amorth , the Vatican’s chief liturgist who passed away this past weekend at 91.  Father Amorth attempted to explain to our current Pope several times the relationship between the new Rite’s Exorcism that does not work and the traditional Rite’s exorcism – the need to have the Church return to the old Rite of Exorcism in every diocese immediately and the relationship it has to Russia having not been consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Father Gruner posted his last letter on the Feast of Gregory the great and said that he learned from Father Amorth shocking information he garnered during an exorcism that this situation will bring a Chastisement not from below but from above and it will begin in 7 to 8 months

May God rest their souls

If Islam is a major component in all this, it is only the former papal magisterial teachings of pre-conciliar Catholicism that have said so, and has yet to be fully confirmed to be a tool in all this.

St. Michael’s Garabandal Center –