The Culture Of Death In The Public Forum Is As Usual, Led By Protestantism

Baptist, Methodist, Episcopalian and Presbyterian Clergy Participate in Rally for Abortion | On Life

Statistics prove that the lion share of abortion movement funding comes from the homosexual movement as the revolutionaries that have infiltrated our beloved Catholic Church are well aware

San Saverio in Palermo ushers in the same  – Catholic Priest welcomes lesbian ‘marriage’ in Palermo

The Hilary Pontificate Begins – US Civil Rights Commission: non-discrimination laws take precedence over religious liberty : News Headlines | Catholic Culture

Why all the fuss over allowing Communion for the remarried in just the hardest of cases and it’s relationship to Infanticide (Abortion) | News | LifeSite

Pro-Life Leader Endorses Donald Trump: “Our Best Hope to Push Back Abortion in America”

Donald Trump’s 4 promises to the Values Voter Summit | News | LifeSite

Donald Trump Explains Why He is Pro-Life

Mike Pence: “I’m Pro-Life and I Don’t Apologize for It” |

‘Don’t sit out the election under any circumstance:’ Leading pro-life Priest – YouTube

This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected – YouTube

Do you realize , he says, that in the current middle eastern model the oil keeps going to ISIS are Americans aware of the long term consequences

He speaks of things only realists speak about

His may be a dying species

Proposed personhood amendment in Ohio would ban abortion without exception | News | LifeSite


Environmentalists On Abortion

The “Greatest Service to Mankind and Mother Earth is to Not Have Babies” |


Overpopulation is a Myth, Researchers Confirm the World is “Suffering From a Shortage of Children” |

We’re living through paradigm shift in history and in our culture unlike any time since the vast differences between the American and French revolutions and the majority of people don’t see it

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