This is the post that was not going to happen but forces not having to be described herein made this sharing as follows……

What really happened that day

Did islamic muslims enact a complex plot internal to the United States and carry it out or did they not

Many Islamic sites in post of 09-11 claimed that Mohammad has the memory of the elephant “Zenta 3 to 1”

What does Zenta 3 to 1 mean – In 1697 the battle claimed 30,000 muslims 20,000 on the ground and 10,000 forced into the waterways and to their watery demise

Islamic law, one of many conflicting laws dictates three persons to be taken for each and they believed there to be over 100,000 people would be in the two towers and their surrounding area

September 11 – Prince Eugen of Savoy crushes the Turks at Zenta – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Is this true ?!

Our perspective is that it is a violation of newton’s physical laws of gravity from the evidence presented herein corroborates that while the muslims are guilty of many violations, we believe this was not one of them

Is this required to believe for salvation – similar to private revalation, ?! no it is not – but ! if you examine the facts herein I present you will find it to be much more than private revelation.

One of the organizations we belong to in NYC are engineers and architects for 9-11 Truth

For outsiders it’s a conspiracy “theory”

But for engineers , architects,  and utility workers like us that were there – that saw the 2nd tower come down from the roof of 111 8th Avenue where there are control rooms and co-locate hotel type facilities …….as well as from other close up places

For those of us that were down there saw what took place – Had the controlled demolition scraps of material in their hands- the nano-thermite was everywhere,  materials only military special forces have access to

To this day there are no islamic jihad missions that have used materials like this to carry out any terrorism anywhere ….all-collected and buried secrets amassed in a huge Staten Island grave unchallenged ….Forget our union electrical friends that can talk to you about the many evacuations on 09-10-01 of WTC buildings1 and 2 and what they believe was an airplane engine that was brought up the freight elevator during one of the evacuations (the only surviving intact evidence frag) and how it went the morning of 09-11 in the shaft-ways they work in

The evidence and the lacking investigation are not in the gold on the rail line stuck in motion beneath and between the two towers with an army of feds on the scene before they even collapsed – Not the insurance policies that were taken out on the towers the week before -not the surrounding properties that changed hands to federal holdings in the months immediately before 09-11 -not the people killed in the basement in an explosion at the same time the planes hit the buildings at the top – Not the explosions in strange places in lower floors in the two towers that many firefighters were threatened with firing if they talked about publicly anymore but in the federal building SEVEN World Trade Center

Video of officials in the street taped saying to other gov’t officials” they’re going to take down 7 get out of here” and within 30 minutes  it came down instantly in a free fall in a commercial demolition What it also accomplished …an immediate permanent evacuation of the whole downtown region ….why ? not just federal records but the power substations were in 7 WTC – So if 7 is gone – rebuilding the substations takes months – Everyone has to leave the area and boom the feds come in and downtown is now made into SOMETHING ELSE

Please watch these professionals and decide for yourselves- * This is not a solicitation for a donation to our org – only a sharing of information among friends and relatives *

AE911Truth — Architects & Engineers Investigating the destruction of all three World Trade Center skyscrapers on September 11 – Home

Architects and Engineers On 9/11! Excellent Must See! – YouTube

The Original 9-11 Documentary – In It’s Edited More Polished HD Format – Loose change 3rd edition full – YouTube\

Decide for yourself and believe either at your own discretion –

We only ask one thingalthough the official reports was “Oh only a couple people jumped “…we know the Truth

As all those people were abandoned above the main explosions as the flames neared them –

1 and 2 WTC rained down bodies with a repeated thud noise that sounded like the end of the world

We ask you to pray for their souls that our merciful God let those without mortal sin be sent not immediately to hell but when they jumped with the flames nearing them that they were permitted to enter Purgatory for reparation

For everyone in Purgatory makes it eventually to heaven !

Therefore whenever anyone says 09-11 your first thought should not be either of the above categories but prayer for the Holy Souls in Purgatory for 09-11