Why Christians and Muslims Worship Different Gods – Crisis Magazine


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Cardinal Burke: ‘Highly questionable’ to say Islam worships Christian God and is therefore peaceful | News | LifeSite

The recognition that Nostra Aetate is not dogmatic may lead the Society of St. Pius X, a traditionalist group with an irregular canonical status, to full Communion with Rome. Many Catholics view the contentious Vatican II document as unclear or even at odds with Church teaching on Catholicism being the one true faith.


Raymond Ibrahim: Pope Francis vs. Saint Francis on Islam



That our current Holy Father Francis I is wrong on Islam and divorced from the traditional Catholic teachings on the subject of Islamicism , as now also are the majority of US Bishops, it is not a surprise considering that the majority of Canon Lawyers and theologian vaticanists consider the Papal encyclical on the environment to be in error for multiple reasons and criteria

But Vatican II said Pope Francis couldn’t do that |  | LifeSite

Expert consensus regards the Papal encyclical Laudato Si’ to be false


Rome Will Eventually Fall Says Islam

Jihadist: “Will Pray in Rome” — New Video by ISIS  as reported on Eponymous Flower by Andreas Becker


Saudi Arabia’s grand mufti says Iranians are “not Muslims”

“The Islamic State and al-Qaeda and other jihad groups say that Muslim leaders who don’t rule by Sharia, and those whom they consider hypocrites (including the Saudis), and those who obey them are not Muslims, and that Muslims who say Islam is a religion of peace and that Islam is compatible with Western secular government are not Muslims. Barack Obama, John Kerry, Pope Francis and other non-Muslim leaders, along with Muslim leaders and groups in the West, say that the Islamic State and al-Qaeda and other jihad groups are not Muslims.”


Four Muslims Attack Convert in Germany – On EP


Two( muslims) detained after car loaded with explosive gas canisters found aside Notre Dame Cathedral – CatholicHerald.co.uk

Confirmed in latter story on daily mail UK below


Car packed with explosive gas cylinders and left near Paris’s Notre Dame ‘belonged to radicalised French muslim woman who wanted to join ISIS’ | Daily Mail Online


Sharia Law: The Silent Take Over of Europe And America – Immigration Crisis 2016 – YouTube


We cannot make the statement that there is someone at the helm of the Vatican and our Church that grieves the Holy Ghost and was an athroprocentric choice

Let us instead pray that our next Supreme Pontiff is a restoration minded orthodox Catholic that pools all the power of the Church together to undo the recent damages and unite what it is today dividing by greater and greater divides each day



May the mediatrix of all graces keep us united to the feet of Jesus Christ