The Catholic Press Wars Break Out As The National (Not) Catholic Register  – Finally Purge: Simcha Fisher and Mark Shea from NCR and EWTN

Getting Scripture Wrong: A Response to Harriet Murphy – Father Regis Scanlon , a theologian , scripture exegete , and frequent guest of the Mic’d Up program on Church Militant TV’s channel excoriated the feminist Harriet Murphy and the pro-women’s ordination piece – But Crisis Journal is really to blame for letting the left vet on a traditionally conservative Catholic source outlet – Her original ridiculous article here “A Challenge to St. Paul on Women and a Reply to Fr. Scanlon” – On Crisis Magazine

As for the rest of establishment Catholic media , generally the only more hostile environments to Catholicism are US Catholic Universities and the islamic majority countries of the middle east Each of the three have kind of been vying for the #1 spot as most hostile to Catholicism – a lower ranking #4 are Catholic Charities whose dissidence is supported by US Catholic Bishops 100%

On Catholic Charities Becoming The Conduit Of Terror

Muslim refugee brought to Maine by Catholic Charities dies waging jihad for the Islamic State

Persecuted Christians Disturb Catholic Interfaith Event — “You see how the situation has happened in Europe by this attitude, where you live as Christians in the majority and yet are afraid.” On EP

Scottish Catholic Church denies supporting ‘mandatory’ LGBT activist school program | News | LifeSite

The Pope is called upon to withdraw the Vatican’s sex ed program for heresy

Cardinal Newman Society: Vatican’s sex-ed program ‘compromises the innocence’ of children | News | LifeSite

Petition Launched against Vatican Sex Ed Program | American Life League

This Vatican shakeup sends shivers down my spine | | LifeSite

Pope Francis appoints yet another radical liberal to a high level position over the Pontifical Academy and over the new Curial formation for Life over Families

Archbishop who supports Communion for remarried divorcees to head Pontifical Academy for Life, JPII Institute | News | LifeSite

The Magisterial Catholic Teachings On The Topics Of Sex Education by Pope Pius XI

Sex Education Classes Are Forbidden

The Obligation & Right Parents Have to Form their Children

The Medicine of Mercy – New Teachings Lead to de facto Alterations of the Faith by Robert P. Banaugh, Ph.D.

Soros Foundation Spends $650,000 to Influence Pope Francis USA Visit – US Bishops Completely In The Tank $ – On EP

THE POPE’S BOSS — Wikileaks: Pope and Soros An Unholy Alliance – On The Remnant

Who are the Real Promethean Neo-Pelagians? Christopher Ferrara On The Remnant

Its more difficult to tell the real hard truths than gloss over false mercy and false optimism The glass is more half full when the landscape is painted in a realism illustrating the layout of the mine fields and turbulent waters that surround us without hiding it as the rest seem so adept at . The new majority having all gotten A + grades in pluralistic speaking class and ‘frameworks of ambiguity and personal definition’ class

The Incarnation – A God that would enter his own creation and sacrifice himself to open a gate of escape to live forever with him and the understanding that his own Mother’s heart was sacrificially offered to co-mediate with His graces is never discussed by the new Pharisees of our beloved mystical Body of Christ – only their daily intentions of their latest radical liberal initiatives and the endless debates of their defense as to what constitutes heresy and what does not, in their definition of course, which is now being redefined, by themselves

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