SSPX Has Accepted The Proposal Of A Personal Prelature Like Opus Dei  with details forthcoming over the next several weeks      Establishment Catholic media and liberal media are in rejection mode at the statements of the Prefect of the Commissioner of Ecclesia Dei that stated SSPX IS CORRECT in insisting the truth be stated that Vatican II propositions are non binding AND non doctrinal

Using google translator off the Italian newswire as follows

The Secretariat Prefect also stated that

” it is also true of SSPX insistence that ecumenism with other religions and especially non-Christian religions IS an “innovation to the teachings of the Catholic Church and that it does deviate from the continuity of the deposit of Faith”And the dogma declaration that ‘there is no salvation outside the Church’ ( extra ecclesiam nulla salus) was NOT altered by Vatican II and is still in affect ” !    Because of his public statements to the press on the record at their insistence towards communion, SSPX, they said, will accept COMMUNION WITH ROME !

Many were unaware that the SSPX was in Communion with Rome from their formation at Vatican II until the 1988 dispute which was only about the ecclesiastical rubrics of canon law on the ordination of new Bishops to their society. Nor recognized of their beginnings as the high level prelates party of conservative traditional Catholics at Vatican II that were originally called ‘The Holy Ghost Fathers’

In contrast to what many say in relation to the need for them to be treated like protestants coming into the Church ,they are not protestants  They are traditional Catholics come to evangelize the majority who are Cathlo-protestantants within the Catholic Church

Statistics vary depending on which source it comes from but we’re talking about between 50 million and 100 million Catholics worldwide  that are about to become “in communion ” with Rome

Laudetur Jesu Christus Et Maria Immaculata

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