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The Assumption Proclamation and Papal Procession Rare 1950 Video – YouTube


The Restoration of Order To Police of Dallas is established by a highly honorable, pious, and respectful public ceremonial service for the dead

2016 Dallas Police Memorial Ceremony – YouTube


Is the Pope’s trip and fall a sign? Many are saying the Bishops and Priests of Poland’s rejection of the liberalisms and muslim immigration policy of the Pope which the Vatican press office worked hard to not let come to the surface during the Pope’s visit to Poland

On his walk to OL of Cheztochowa is when he fell ! This means something to both the Polish, and universal symbologists of our religion


Raw: Pope Francis Trips and Falls During Mass – YouTube – short video


He fell almost at the moment where the lead celebrant reaches the midway point of the Altar symbolizing the center alignment with the tabernacle (Sacred Tradition)

Our Pope, as everyone knows, does not genuflect to Sacred Tabernacles and never genuflects during ANY points of the Consecration when he offers Mass despite the firm rubrics even in the new Rite missal

Press spokespersons asked of this in the past have said it is because the Pope has health issues

Something tells me I need not send the many You Tube videos showing him in this year of 2016 , kneeling at the Charismatic prayer service for a half hour and whenever he publicly attends the Sacrament of Penance to his Confessor

But no one dare questions his ideology of why he refuses to kneel or genuflect during and or after the Consecration or before the – Altar – the tabernacle or even give a left knee to the icon of our Lady as pious tradition dictates

Forgive me Father but I saw the Lord and our Lady have him kneel here

Raw: Pope Francis Trips and Falls During Mass – YouTube


In Black Mass news

When SSPX Traditional Catholics Protested The Satanic Black Mass in Oklahoma City in 2014 – YouTube Video


Please keep in mind that the Black Mass is not a mockery of methodism – or presbyterianism or any of the other protestant denomination – The satanists are interested in the Catholic Mass

More specifically the novus ordo – This is not possible in Latin as many of the Saints attest to the fact that the leader of the fallen cannot tolerate latin – It’s also made possible – only if they have a Catholic consecrated host (in the words of many of the satanists themselves )

Therefore this is only made possible not only by novus ordo masses but via Communion in the hand

For this reason alone I urge you to please write to the Papal Nuncio to the US to issue an emergency decree banning the liturgical abuse of Communion in the hand is the province of the United States and in order to prevent the ability of these satanists to perform anymore black masses

 Please also inform our new Papal Nuncio in Washington DC that this also violates the norm of the GIRM (General Instruction of the Roman Missal) for the new rite that dictates the norm to receive Holy Communion is both Kneeling and on the tongue


Please write to him ASAP

Attn: Archbishop Christophe Pierre3339 Massachusetts Avenue N.W. Washington, D.C. 2008

 Annual Polish Pilgrimage with the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal | Corazón Puro- Video-


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