Priests For Life has produced a Party Comparison two pager for distribution to Churches

Please keep in mind, before being critical, that they had to at least portend to an objective middle ground to get Church distribution permission, realizing of course, as to what good a breakdown will do without distribution

Also keep in mind that the larger Catholic populace – through no fault of their own – for the majority that is- are largely uneducated on the politico-religious issues and or the requirements , doctrines, and  Covenantal nature of their own Faith

Please help to distribute to local area Churches –

All components of religious freedom are under attack from the Democrats and we all know that they now lead the people to strive for freedom FROM religion

Attachment for printing in color on the link -à


Hillary Clinton Lying For 13 Minutes Straight – Every Single Thing She Said Was Contradicted ON VIDEO By Herself in another clip of herself – If it wasn’t so tragic it would be like an hysterical comedic event – You tube video

Hilary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party reviewed by Cliff Kincaid

Countdown to Extinction – YouTube

We all know the US Bishops’s are completely in the tank on the $ with the democrats

The Bishop’s main charity that is funded via the novus ordo dioceses is so racked with continuous scandal that it is disheartening to attempt to defend while doing apologetics evangelization with others. CRS along with their CCHD are no longer just participating in the culture of death but DRIVING the culture of death

98% Of CRS Employee Political Donations Go To Pro-Abortion Candidates – The Lepanto Institute

To quote some old euphemisms  -on what the majority is suffering from “De-nial is not just a river in Egypt”

So I am not accused of sending out unexplained satire  It’s a play on word. Denial sounds like ‘de Nile’. (somebody saying ‘the Nile’ with an accent).

The  Nile is of course a river in Egypt and when you put it together with the old classic country and western song that has a line “Call me Cleopatra, because I’m the queen of denial.” That’s what we have here

Trump is Right: Repeal the Johnson Amendment That Muzzles Pastors | The Stream

NFL star Benjamin Watson: Planned Parenthood formed ‘to exterminate blacks’…and ‘it’s working’ | News | LifeSite

Why the Left Rules the Rhetorical Battlefield By Edwin Dyga

American Flag Upside DownDevastated Catholic_Church_Ruins_In_Nagasaki