It started here

as far back as 2009 …and then in our era ….was given plenty of room to blossom into full dissidence

L’Osservatore Romano & Calvinism by Lyle Arnold, Jr.

In More Recent News….

The Dissident National not Catholic Reporter Praises L’Osservatore Romano for Joining The Camp Of The Radical Liberals on women preachers during Holy Mass

Vatican newspaper: Allow women to preach | National Catholic Reporter

Vatican newspaper essays say women should preach at Mass | Concerned Catholics of Montana

Same on Catholic

In The Latest Journals News ….

Nicholas Senz the Director of Religious Education at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church in Mill Valley, CA – & managing editor of Catholic Stand, wrote a rebuttal to the dissidence of L’Osservatore Romano and it’s women’s ordination dialogue

When Dialogue is a Distraction – Crisis Magazine

On This Past July 13th  1

The Pope Ramped Up His Mere Influence Of The New Ideology On The Vatican Newspaper L’Osservatore’ Romano …….To Its Takeover

An Argentina Bureau is set up as a main contributor and the Pope’s Ghostwriter Acbp Manuel Fernandez  and known author of the majority of Evangelii gaudium and Laudato si and Amoris Laetitia is appointed its main Vatican overseer !

And Then ,,,,

At The Wish of Pope Francis: “L’osservatore Romano” — Protestant as Editor  – On EP 

Protestant theologian Marcelo Figueroa now runs the Pope’s newspaper

Then several days ago came the trump card of the takeover – See the following proof text article  On The Licentiousness Of The New L’Osservatore Romano’

Rocco Buttiglione’s Defense of Amoris Laetitia –On Crisis Magazine

On L’Osservatore Romano’s claim that the way that Pope Francis is paving is a licit EVOLUTION OF CATHOLIC DOCTRINE most will immediately also see the conundrum of the oxymoron phrase of putting the two words together evolution and doctrine in one phrase – one word is defined as constant change and the other as a Truth that never changes – Therefore at it’s onset it violates the Faith and Reason relationship – right out of the gate

For a refutation of L’observatore Romano’s false doctrinal assertions see Amoris Laetitia and the new church of Francis – Guest Op-Ed on RORATE CÆLI by Veronica Arntz – She is a talented Wyoming Catholic Graduate Studies Theologian- Writer and traditional theologian

They then go one step further and publish this

 “The Joy of Love and the Consternation of Theologians,”

As an attempt To Galvanize The Pope’s wayward opinions into a doctrinal position in keeping with John Paul II’s teachings .. ludicrous – real darts in the dark by the new Vatican pharisaical careerists.

Our only recourse of Intercession into this growing chaos is the Mother of God and the supernatural of Heaven to change it all

Mediatrix of All Graces