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The media (television radio and print ) are all 100% subjective reporting Democrats and by majority all radical liberals and even more so than the Democrat party

CMTV reports most accurately the

Past insults Trump has leveled at the media include his remark that “the political press is among the most dishonest people that I’ve ever met.” Pointing to the press at the back of the room, Trump declared at another campaign rally, “The mainstream media, these people back there — they’re the worst. They are so dishonest … . And by the way, some of the media is terrific. But most of it — 70 percent, 75 percent — is absolute dishonest, absolute scum.”


In Summary

It’s evident that the Catholic Bishops are throwing the election and they have thrown down the gauntlet in the “cone of silence”and  will not publicly speak out against the Democrats and their deep network of cultures of death, Everyone knows the Bishops are subsidized by the Democrat party to the tune of double digit millions each year This and the ridiculous open border policy are the only things that keep their materialism going – keep them from closing the majority of all US Parishes by the end of next year – and keeps them as honorary board members on many corporation

Therefore the US Bishops will NOT rally the troops in a resistance movement against this machine that , should it succeed for another term will

  • Spread mandatory taxpayer subsidies of abortion to the 9th month of a pregnancy
  • Transgender and Homosexual Rights if violated to become a felony offense with long jail terms.
  • Contraception and Abortifacients will become freely distributed and covered under mandatory taxes to all peoples*
  • Any business that refuses services to a sodomite marriage or homosexual person will be forced out of business by executive branch and supreme court mandates*
  • Freedom of religion will complete the conversion to freedom from religion and*
  • Tax exemptions for Catholic Churches will end and Catholic properties will be taxed into extinguishment for those that do not follow Hillary’s mantra where she said from the podium “Religions will have to change”!
  • Euthanasia will become a right and spread to children as it has in pagan northern Europe

Newest Pew Research indicates that 57% of Americans that still consider themselves Catholic (with the majority of them obviously not Sunday Mass going Catholics) have stated in the survey that they intend to express their rebelliousness against their religion by voting against it and for Hillary Clinton. Not realizing that if elected her new Supreme Court will destroy what is left of Christendom and religious freedom. Worse than that statistic Hispanic Americans by majority wish to vote for her because of her stance on Immigration and the majority of Hispanics have at least one relative they wish to come into the country and one in which they wish to change their illegal status of immigrant to citizens. Open border policy violates traditional Catholicism –abolishing the class system is pro-socialism –and is  pro mohammedanism. Muslims will vote for her though she supports many of the things their religion forbids because they only wish to use her to become the majority – They don’t care about the culture of death because none of their people follow the practices of the culture of death and their religion teaches that all non-islam non believers practice portions of the culture of death – which by majority is beginning to become true.  Among our peoples of the true Catholic Faith, we are faced with a largely uneducated Catholic populace that refuses to study their own history in its infallible teachings before the dissident pastoral council of the 1960s  blew through the people of God. All this is led by a power majority of traitorous US Bishops and our own very dissident Pope

But now, if the radicals get a 3rd term in this country the wheels will begin to fall off the machine that is being held together by glue & chaos. Destruction from above and below is sure to ensue on a scale en mass.

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