What Our Lady Said About Hell on July 13, 1917 – On TFP


Prophesy – A warning from Amos – what do we face? | | LifeSite


Tradition Manifested In – Art – landscaping and architecture accompanied by music

Liturgical Form Manifested in the Mundane – the Famous K2 Telephone Box


FOTA IX 2016 Pontifical Vespers In Cork Ireland July 9th – YouTube


Lessons from Descartes on the Value of Latin Liturgy – On Crisis Magazine


From the solid traditions of the South of the US – Book Review

Since there is again widespread talk amongst the southern bible belt states, even among governors, about succession from the union if the radical liberal democrat party were to secure the executive branch of the Federal government for a 3rd consecutive term – this becomes a good book review to prepare proper mentality on the subject in a Catholic Tradition perspective on these matters

The Forbidden Truth about the South – Myths and realities Part II – Phillip Mericle


Beautiful photopost from the Feast of  the Madonna del Sacro Monte – Traditional Outdoor Mass At The Prayer Garden Altar Shrine and Procession- Holy Face Monastery – Clifton NJ –

The Society of St. Hugh of Cluny » Festa of the Madonna del Sacro Monte


The Vatican Approved Miracle Of Our Lady Of Mount Carmel In Palmi –late 1800s – still highly powerful and producing miracles and conversions

Madonna del Carmine in Palmi

365 Days with Mary – A daily Marian calendar of Marian titles, devotions and commemorations from around the world


The Austere Beauty Of The Interior Of Stella_Maris_The Mother Church_Of The Order of OL Mount Carmel – double clikc for higher res —>

Stella_Maris_Church_Of The Order of OL Mount Carmel interior

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Of_Aylesford_England

High detail to the feet (foot) of Our Lord and the fine intricacies  faces of Our King And Queen

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Of_aylesford_England

Hope to see you at Festa

Ave Maria