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Proper Catholic Funerals

As Altar boy as far back as 5th and 6th grades being one of the favorites picked to work funerals for our class’s reverence for the Dead – even though our Parish in northern NJ was already at that point in the Novus Ordo Mass the Italian people had resisted most of the modernism changes of worship & devotion and gave up the old ways very very slowly through the entire 1970s

The Casket would always be met at the Altar rail by a Priest dressed in black and three Altar servers dressed in black and white cassock and surplice – The entire Casket of the recently deceased soul would be incensed during Offertory and when the Liturgy ended the Crucifer and two torch bearers would process with the Priest, reaching the back of the Church at the opposite end of the apse and would turn to the side so the Casket could come as close to the doors as possible and as I remember it would always be that when the double doors opened and the cold winter air came blasting in the tower bells would go off as the Priest hit the Casket of the deceased with Holy Water while reciting the prayers of the absolution and almost simultaneously you would hear the chant from some place far above the pews of the Church…..

In Paradisum Seducant Te Angeli In Tuo Adventu Suscipiant Te Martyres…………………

and it would send a chill through the spine of even the stiffest semi- to non practicing


Here it is in its short but proper form on YouTube “In Paradisum”


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