Of The Royal Catholic Line of the Hapsburgs

Dr. Otto von Habsburg Has Passed Away, An Archduke of the authentic theocratic line


Death of an Imperial Pen Pal – Taki’s Magazine


The Courageous Story Of  Lady Rothes: the Titanic’s heroine – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


Then the scene here I’ve pasted is from the original version of the Titanic movie- an excellent film to watch with family – on occasion of the anniversary of the tragedy

With so many of the elite Christian class on board setting the standards that are rare in today’s society – where so many men went down with the ship in the lifeboat shortage to ensure the women – our queens of privilege, that have the ability to give birth to more creatures that would worship the one true God ensured – today’s culture of men would , by majority, (surely and unfortunately) fight to throw women in the water to get a lifeboat seat. Gone but for the communities of restoration, is the tradition of chivalry and honor to the death

The scene where the strings and horn band return to the deck to play their rendition of the hymn, ‘Nearer My God To Thee’ as the 46 ton state of the art luxury liner sank slowly from the bow in freezing Atlantic waters can be seen in this clip here

Titanic. A Night To Remember. (1958) ‘Nearer My God To Thee’. Violin Scene. – YouTube


US Armed Forces Tribute – (Armed Forces Medley) – Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force, Marines – YouTube


The Minstrel Boy – A stirring Irish war song commemorating the fallen and enshrining the virtues of loyalty and heroic sacrifice


Father Denis Fahey’s classic/free traditional book on ‘The Reign Of Christ The King’

Kingship of Christ, Fahey, Fr. Denis

The Infallible Sacred Tradition Of The Theology Of Christ The King

Quas Primas (December 11, 1925) | PIUS XI


The Unshakeable Sacred Architecture And Tradition Of

Mount Saint Michel -An Angelic Island On Earth

Mount Saint Michael - An Angelic Island On Earth