A Communique To Those Attempting A Hybrid Of Traditional Rite vs Post-Conciliar 1962 Fasting Rubrics – . i.e.-  1 July 2016, to abstain or not to abstain?


The Chaos Caused By The New Rite Calendar For The Vigil Of Sts Peter And Paul Continues Kicking St Irenaeus Around – On Novus Motus Liturgicus


The Prefect Of The Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments Cardinal Sarah Acknowledges the Crisis In The Church At The Highest Levels:

“Ambiguities on doctrine can lead to dangerous opinions” | LifeSite


It is clearly evident to many within and without the Church that the way Forward Is NOT to resurrect the outdated ideologies of the 1960s utopia vision of Vatican II’s most liberal minority wing and forcibly attempt to make it the new implemented Catholic religion by majority

The Rise and Fall of Pope Francis On The Remnant Newspaper –


Draw the living waters – 60 years of Haurietis Aquas – II -The Three Great Gifts of the Sacred Heart


On This Feast Of Saints Peter and Paul

Ss. Peter and Paul, St. Peter and St. Paul – June 29 @ Tradition In Action


Feast of Saints Peter And Paul