Pope Francis Attempt To Reverse Catholic Social Teachings And Dogmatics On The Death Penalty Begins

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Pope Pius XII

Pius XII, in a further clarification of the standard argument,

‘that when the State, acting by its ministerial power, uses the death penalty, it does not exercise dominion over human life but only recognizes that the criminal, by a kind of moral suicide, has deprived himself of the right to life. In the Pope’s words,

Even when there is question of the execution of a condemned man, the State does not dispose of the individual’s right to life. In this case it is reserved to the public power to deprive the condemned person of the enjoyment of life in expiation of his crime when, by his crime, he has already dispossessed himself of his right to life.’

Fr. Hardon – Capital Punishment – New Testament Teaching As Well As Both 5th and 9th Century Magisterial Teachings


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Aside from the consistency of the licit nature of the Death Penalty in Catholic Social teaching it was supported in the codified writing of the Doctor Saints of the Church, Saint Thomas Aquinas and Saint Augustine – (the latter the new Church’s primary model no less ) along with the Catholic Doctrinal re-stating of Popes:  Nicholas the 1st – and Innocent the 3rd and Saint Pope Leo The Great – ( Leo the 1st)

Were they all wrong – ?! Should their writings be burnt ? How will it now jeopardize other Catholic Dogmas for non-Catholics?

Pope Leo The Great

Saint Pope Leo The Great

Pope Nicholas The 1st

Pope Nicholas I

Pope Nicholas The 3rd

Pope Nicholas III

Pope Pius XII

Pius II In Tiera