We preface this bevy of updated news stories with the reminder that we all love the Office Of The Pontiff and believe it remains a Davidic Decendancy even if a murderer were on the Throne

The days of chastisement are upon the Body Of Christ – as satan has little if any interest in the protestant assemblies only in the destruction of the Mystical Body of Christ proper

We must call for fasting and prayer Vigil for the reform of the Office of Peter – The Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church

On the continuing Heresies

On Using the “H” Word (it all depends on what this ‘this’ is) – On The Remnant


Famed Catholic philosopher: How can Christ and Our Lady read Amoris Laetitia without weeping? | News | LifeSite


Pope’s comments on marriage, cohabitation widely criticized | News | LifeSite


Vatican Press Office Attempts Forgery To Cover Up The Pope’s Comments On Marriage


Canon Lawyers Weigh-in On Their Objections To Our New Age Pope’s Latest Comments

The great majority of Christian marriages are valid | In the Light of the Law


“Tucho” Spills the Beans And The Other Alarming Writings Of The Papal Ghost Writer – On The Remnant Newspaper –


Who is Inspiring Pope Francis on Ecology by Atila Sinke Guimaraes


Pope Francis Dons Communist Symbology And Decoration


The British Queen has more sense of appropriateness unfortunately than our Pope – video

Prince William Gets Scolded by Queen Elizabeth II – YouTube


A Faithful Catholic Writer With Fox News Calls For The Resignation Of Pope Francis

Enough is enough, Pope Francis should resign | Fox News


15 Communities Of Radical and Liberal US Nuns Still Under Vatican Investigation For Dissent – It Is Widely Believed They Will Be Pardoned And Given A Pass – By The Current Pope | The Guardian


The Real ‘Hate’ | The Vortex – (Video)

The Rebelliousness Of The Catholic Bishops Has Brought Us A Pope To Deliver The Pain And Suffering That The Majority Catholics Deserve


The new world order is then ushered in – onto the world stage through Switzerland

Gotthard Tunnel Opening Ceremony – II – Inaugurating a New World Order Ruled by Satan by Marian T. Horvat


One day soon the Bride Of Christ shall be restored in union with the social reign of our Christ the King as one again

Pius XII Carried In Sedia Gestatoria While On “Standard Procession” 1950s

Pius XII Carried In Sedia Gestatoria