Going in opposite directions is the USCCB Archbishop Cupich And That Of  Cardinal Sarah, The Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments

As the protestantized United States Catholic Church continues to attempt to be a Church unto itself


Radicati Editorial: “Thank God We Did Not Obey Those Forcing the New Mass Upon Us” On RORATE CÆLI


Moscow Patriarchate calls emergency session, weighs withdrawal from Pan-Orthodox Council As The Eastern Orthodox Consolidation Begins To Fall Apart Without A See Of Peter Over It  : News Headlines | Catholic Culture

Francis I has previously stated that he would call a Synod to debate making the Eastern Orthodox part of the Eastern Catholic Church if their various nations and Churches were to unite


Cardinal Barbarin Interviewed by Police — Lyon and the New Motu Proprio Kicks Off Witch Hunts From Egalitarian Mission Nations


Famed Catholic philosopher: How can Christ and Our Lady read Amoris Laetitia without weeping? | News | LifeSite


The Theological Distinction Between Praying For The Faithfully Departed In The Liturgy and After Meals vs. The Damned – And Who And What Are The Damned

Finding onself among the damned and it’s utter horrors and tortures the “new” Catholic Church nowhere teaches this central component of our Faith and it in turn causes sects to multiple everywhere

CMTV -Vortex – The Faithfully Departed – 7 Minute You Tube Video

Finally A Vatican Congregation Re-Invokes Its Power To Excommunicate 

Schismatic sect in Italy incurs excommunication :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)


Relationship Between Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary And The Sacred Heart So Critical In Our Days


Also we have the dismantling of the Kasperite theology beneath much of the disintegrating new Church’s direction

Cardinal Kasper’s Merciful Incoherencies – An Impoverished Spirituality Of Suffering In His Criticism Of Thomas Kempis – Imitation of Christ –

As is seen in this article I PDF’d from New Orthodox Review in Father Christopher Roberts write up into the following link —->

Cardinal Kaspers Merciful Incoherencies By Fr. Christopher Roberts


Now that the post Vatican II generation has just about run it’s novel course – the next generation of devout Catholics, young Priests and religious included have begun to admit OUT LOUD that the Woodstock experiment within the Catholic Church has failed – along with all its little semi-private communities – and it is time to return to Catholicism

Happy – Day of Our Lady, Mother of Divine Grace (in some Orders and US Dioceses)

Our Lady of Grace Miraculous image from Belgium

Our Lady of Grace Miraculous image Belgium