Photopost From The May Crowning Of Our Lady At The Church of the Holy Innocents Sesquicentennial- NYC

Photopost – Priests Of The FSSP Took To The Altar Of The National Shrine of The Immaculate Conception In Washington DC Saturday Night With Our Lady To Offer A Mass Of Reparation – On One Peter Five

Corpus Christi 2016: Third Photopost – Zeal for the Sacred Liturgy- On Nouvs Motus Liturgicus

A Marian apparition has been approved in Argentina – and it’s a big deal :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)]

The 1990 Apparition Of Our Lady Of The Rosary In Argentina Is Approved As A Valid Apparition And Occurrence—and-its-a-big-deal-31979/

Apparition of Saint Nicolás de Arroyos Recognized Officially by the Church » Bleeding Host in Poland ‘has hallmarks of a Eucharistic miracle’

Vatican Exposition On Real Church Approved Eucharistic Miracles

Needing further exploration is…

the devotion to the Sacred Heart and HEART FLESH AND BLOOD being found in Eucharist species and tested by doctors and laboratories as authentic in more than several instances

It separates further the atheistic claims of a Christian creation of the extension of a Sun God to a Son God

This is THE Son of God that became physical fleshy and human yet retained Divinity

We will of course be lambasted by the new Church folks for criticizing the auto-reflexive comments that Divine Mercy devotion /theology is just an extension of the Sacred Heart devotion /theology when in fact it is really not

The Divine Mercy Sunday advocates for a day of “Amnesty” from all sins and where everyone then prospers – In reality it is an extension of protestant ecumenism for Sunday only Christians to make exchanges for the prosperity Gospel – not detracting from where it has had results or its faithful Catholic devotees

When in fact in the authentic devotions to the Sacred Heart, penance is so required for offenses against this REAL heart specifically by uniting ourselves to the Sacrifice – ascending to God during the traditional Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is so essential

Devout personal programs of Reparation and patterns of indulgence pursuits are also essential, as is routinely meditating in front of the Sacred image and its many relationships to the Immaculate Heart and in turn Her Divine Maternity’s inseparable joined relationship to the Holy Ghost

Within here lies the hearts of the mystery – treasure wells with walls filled with treasure and no bottom or end in sight

Pilgrimage into the Sacred Heart ….its graces and all its indulgences

Holy Door Of Mercy At Newark Basilica Of The Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart _ Sacre-Coeur

Ave Maria