Another High Ranking Cardinal Weighs In His Criticism Of The Recent Papal Exhortation

Amoris Laetitia is ‘objectively unclear’ since even bishops have conflicting interpretations: Cardinal Caffarra | News | Lifesitenews

The Chief  Vaticanist Analyst For RAI Italia Distanced Himself From The Pope Yesterday During Questioning  — Valli: “Pastoral Line of Francis As Muddled…And Dangerous”

Pope Meets With Theologian Who Advocates Female Deacons – OnePeterFive

Pope Issues Motu Proprio “As a Loving Mother” on the removal of Bishops for negligence in cases of sexual abuse –

It Is Expected Bishops Will Respond By Using It As An Excuse To Sell Off More Properties Including Healthy Churches To Provide More Sex Abuse Claims Payouts (Historically forbidden by Catholic Teaching throughout salvation history up until the Vatican II Council )

Former Archbishop Of Newark B. Hebda Will Lead The Sell Off Of Close to $10M of Church Properties And Novus Ordo Churches In The Diocese Of Saint Paul and Minneapolis As Part Of The First Phase Of Its Attempts to Raise $65M For Sex Abuse Claims Payoffs » US archdiocese offers $65 million in compensation for sex abuse victims

Monday Morning June 6th the Pope  acknowledged the polygamy rubrics of the country of  Qatar By Hosting and Honoring The 2nd Of Three Wives At The Vatican – In a Desecration Of Saint Peters

Meeting between Pope, member of Qatar’s royal family : News Headlines | Catholic Culture

The Month Of Ramadan: Is A Dangerous Month For Christians And Normally A Month Of Increased Jihad

BBC England Bans Soccer Fans From Dressing As Catholic Crusaders To Avoid Offending Muslims

Christians Begin An Exodus En Masse From Nigeria As Muslims Turn Up The Heat

Bishop reports massive Christian flight from northern Nigeria : News Headlines | Catholic Culture

The Pope will attend an ecumenical prayer service and celebrate Mass in Sweden this Fall (to CELEBRATE the heresy of the Protestant Reformation where millions of Catholics died fighting for the Truth against what he is about to celebrate)

As of this posting

there is no word yet as to what dissidence our Holy Father has planned for us tomorrow but he has promised us in his own words to challenge established Catholic teaching every week of his Pontificate so more likely than not we will have to wait until the end of the week for his next dissident moves and or statements

Likewise we should probably increase our prayers for him from once a day to at least twice a day

To The Faithful that find themselves at the fork in the road in either continuing this false support of dissidence which becomes papolotry or remaining Faithful Catholics – let it be known – YOU ARE NOT ALONE AT THIS FORK

There is a brighter faithful Catholic path to choose that IS “in Communion” with the “Eternal Magisterium Of The Church”

Fork-in-the-Road- The Catholic Church At The Fork In The Road

On the last big Feast Of Our Lady on May 31st – “Voice of the Family” launched a rosary campaign for the Church and the Family in ‘crisis’ |LifeSite

This Thursday June 9th is a US Feast Of Our Lady In Some Dioceses And Orders – Therefore we must have constant recourse to her to present ( via an express path) all this to the feet of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

Our Lady Mother Of Divine Grace – Pictured here in this Carmelite painting of her in this title