An Insightful New History of the Pro-Life Movement – On Crisis Magazine -A very important pro-life update from Monica Miglorino Miller, an historical front lines woman and warrior in the Abortion Wars

Then We Have The CBA

The Catholic Bar Association Conference Is Questionable – Let’s Wait For The Jury To Come In On This Before Coming To Final Conclusions

Since Medical Ethics Are Crumbling Before Our Eyes The Catholic Bar Association was established on the 480th anniversary of the martyrdom of St. Thomas More.

The Oath Doctors Once Took Is Now Converting That Oath To One Of Survival In The Profit Only Business Model

Pharmaceutical Industry otherwise known as Wall Street’s Big Pharms Sector – Organ Harvesting And Shortest Possible Hospital Stay

Catholic Lawyers Look To Protect The Faithful From Catholic Doctors

The CBA Conference however has some questionable speakers among the world of professional Catholic compromisers to Truth

Among some of the slated Bishops speakers, some of whom are from the pool of former total silence on the culture of death on a public level (other than his Eminence Bishop Paprocki ) there is Hillary Byrnes, Assistant General Counsel USCCB and John Manos VP and General Counsel of EWTN who are ‘virtual’ partners in the mission of continuing to protestantize the Catholic Church

Medical Ethics Begins To Fall – Hospice Owners Ordered Nurses to Overdose Patients to Speed Up Their Deaths |

Actions speak louder than words when it comes to abortion | LifeSite

Inaction On The Part Of The Bishops In Every Element Of The Abortion Wars Led The Laity To Take The Battle Over From The Bishops These Past Few Decades

Study reveals one of the major causes of increase in premature baby births linked to women who previously had an abortion

Metastudy of over a million cases finds ‘significantly higher risk’ of premature birth after abortion | News | LifeSite

What David Daleiden initially uncovered is now being exposed by many others on a grander scale of a billion dollar global  industry of aborted fetal tissue resale, that most likely is going to result (when the dust settles) in legalizing the resale of baby tissue in more regions because even food will pay the doctors to say ok

Sickening: Major food corporations use tissue from aborted babies to manufacture flavor additives in processed foods –

Remember the movie ‘Soylent Green’… is PEOPLE ! with Charlton Heston – Now would be a good time for an online rental  or Amazon used

Michigan Right To Life (Which Has Basically Been The Front Battle Lines In The Abortion Wars For Decades In Some Of The Real Battles – Many Of Them With The Bishops -) Is Still At The Forefront

Their Breakdown Has All The Vaccines The Doctors And The Medical Business Have Created With Aborted Babies Broken Down In The Greatest Of Research

Aside from the documented facts that injecting newly born infants with 18 different vaccines is substantiated to cause autism in a huge percentage of the susceptible… it has aborted babies within !

Vaccines, Abortion & Fetal Tissue

At the very least every faithful Catholic should pick up a used copy of Monica’s book Abandoned – She was the Joan of Arc in the days of the water guns and the handcuffs and chains to the doors protests all over the country prior to when the majority of the Bishops sold them out

Embedded within her story is also the chronology of the US Catholic history on this topic

Our Lady Of The Unborn