The Catholic Church In New York Spent $2M Lobbying Against Child Sex Abuse Accountability Laws

USCCB Children’s Services Page Is A Who’s Who OF Culture Of Death Promoters

USCCB Annual Report Of 2015 Published May 2016 Finds Most Acts Of Pedophilia  Are Committed By Homosexual Priests

Click to access 2015-Annual-Report-Revised.pdf

 What is going on in the Catholic Church my faithful friends is ‘LIVE’ and going on now

CRS and USCCB Employees Celebrate Same-Sex ‘Marriage’

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“In contrast, progressive theology supports, in the name of Vatican II, a reform of the Church in a sacramental and charismatic sense which pits the power of order against the power of jurisdiction, the Church of charity against the Church of law, the episcopal structure against the monarchic structure.”

The Dissidence Is So Interwoven With Vatican II – It is Seemingly Inseparable

The Destruction of the Church in the United States Long Prepared at this Benedictine Monastery

The Truth

Cardinal Of Quebec Preaches Against Support Of Suicide ! Wow

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Our Lady Of The Sacred Heart


Ave Maria