America’s Forgotten Heroes Catholic Military Chaplains (Especially During War Time) PDF

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Mass During War_004

The Joy in Beholding the Heart of a Warrior – On Tradition, Family, and Property

Modern American Heroes · Because there are positive roles models too- (Even In The Culture War)

Muzzling Military Chaplains – Is Not Something New This Year 

Rooting out traditionally Christian chaplains from the military has been on this Presidential administration’s top 10 agenda items from early on – On Crisis Journal

The Military Virtues Every Catholic Must Have by Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

Congresswoman screams at woman who opposes transgender bathrooms, ‘You’re an ignorant bigot!’ – YouTube

Here it comes –

The beginning of police sanctions for those that do not support the exaltation of “IT”

The Latest Battlefront Opposition To The Obama Administration

Requiring ‘Women” To Register For The Draft (Selective Service- In The Event Of A Draft)

Churches Must Oppose Female Conscription – (On Crisis Magazine)


The Pharaoh Is Creating Major Diversion Distractions (With The Abolishment Of Gender – ‘Agenda’  To Divert Attention From What Is Really Going On

Janet Yellen In Secret Emergency Meetings With  Obama On The Coming Currency Crash – The Dollar Vigilante

The next financial crash is coming. Which way will the world turn? | Damian McBride |  The Guardian

The denial on government ‘establishment media’ CNBC that a recession much worse than 2008 is coming— “CNBC answers the growing claims with ‘Nah’ ”

A Key Financial Expert Breaks Silence

A Multi-Millionaire’s Personal Blueprint For Surviving the Coming
Currency Collapse

Is America on a Path to Decline? On TFP

True Republic; The Principals Of A Balanced American Government By B. Birzer PhD- scanned to PDF —> on the link

True Republic; The Principals Of A Balanced American Governnent By B. Birzer PhD

The Coming Problem Of Americanism By Pope Leo XIII

Testem Benevolentiae Nostrae: Americanism and Pope Leo XIII On The Remnant

The facts of the US economy and the balance of capitalism and socialism 

It’s not a global dependency on other nations economies as to whether or not we will crash, a factor that is FAR FROM the primacy

The US currency as been overproduced in the past two Obama administrations by 400% – The abolishment of the gold standard in the United States and the conversion to a credit /debt economy and the exporting of industry were the two main death knell bells, coupled with the internal revolution within the Catholic Church for half a century – The coming of the perfect storm has been created.

The US currency is nearing a catastrophic crash – the solution – make every effort to bring as many people as possible into the Roman Catholic Church before the riots in the streets begin

Protestant assemblies will continue to just change their rules, regulations, and methods to conform to whatever is going on around them until their religion becomes, what it is headed for, “social clubs status”

Less than 49% of the able bodied Americans are working – the rest have not been retrained in the “services economy” business model and the hi-tech industry

51% of Americans are on some type of government program or subsidy – social security, welfare, food stamps, unemployment, extended unemployment, disability, sick leave, or subsidized housing and those numbers are unstoppably rising

Religious rights are on their way to full suppression …and what comes behind it ?!

Taxation of Churches and “the abolishment of private property as a right”

Experts say that in five years this will be a completely different country – not like the way it is today at all -They are predicting all this is 60 months away – corporate bankruptcies, widespread layoffs, inner city riots,  food shortages, consolidated regional goods distribution, closing of malls …etc….

But insiders say there is NO WAY it will make 60 months to begin – The US currency will completely fail within 30 something months

Before the end of the centennial year of Fatima 2017 you will see it begin to break out

Again the solution – begin aggressive evangelism to Traditional Catholicism not the new religion

Make every effort to bring as many people as possible into the “Roman Catholic” Church before the riots in the streets begin Show them there is indeed absolute Truth, a formula of salvation – a living cloud of witnesses of intercessory Saints – and a salvific exchange of suffering and right moral living for eternal bliss

Introduce people to

Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque


The Admirable Heart of Mary In The Teachings Of St. John Eudes 1600s AD

Request a traditional Roman Catholic Priest to visit your home and bless every room in your house and consecrate the family to the Two Hearts

Two Hearts Family Consecration