Pope Francis Says : ‘Idea of conquest is inherent to the soul of Islam,’ but says one can see Christianity that way, too?!


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As The Program Of Syncretism Continues Unabated


US State Department sets new single-day record for Muslim migrant approvals As Obama Continues A Full Court Press In His Last Months


Family Synods were a hugely expensive Fraud: Substantiation That Essential Passages of Papal Exhortation had already been written 10 years ago in Argentina


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When pope backs workers equality party, Vatican laity wonder, ‘What about us?’ – On Crux  – As the Pope Advocates For Socialism In Sardinia


THEN !!!

we have the people and religious of the Truth

Catholic Bishop :” Islam will take power in Europe” Calls For Resistance – On Eponymous Flower


Irish Priest Stands Up And Enforces Canon 915 Preventing Pro-Abortion Politician From Ascending God’s Holy Altar

Catholic Church Prohibits Pro-Abortion Politician From Reading Scripture During Mass | LifeNews.com


Mexican bishops denounce president’s gay ‘marriage’ proposal | News | LifeSite


Abortion And Voting: Advisory 

Remote material cooperation vs. formal cooperation


The Revolutionary Pope Francis By Roberto De Mattei


Arizona billboard illustrating the un-televised religious and cultural war in full throttle

Arizona Bill Board

Attack Upon The Castles Walls Begins Physically From The Exterior And Theologically From The Interior

Attack Upon The Castle

Muslim Refugees

It’s Beyond Earthly Power To Stop

Have Recourse To The Intercessor To The Son Of God

Blessed Mother

Happy Solemnity Of Corpus Christi Thursday

Corpus Christi Thursday Photograph