A growing disparity exists in the Catholic Church today –that is becoming openly visibly to greater numbers of people

On the one side a growing return to conservatism – traditionalism – and authentic Catholic restoration – as seen by the uniting of Resistance Movements against Catholic Modernism and the many neo-modern Catholic sects within the Church

On the other side a continuance of false ecumenism not just with the new false movement towards non-Christian religions but with the wider gamut of supposedly Christian expressions of protestantism

To what extent are there “commonalities” between these protestant religions and the one true religion of authentic Christianity of the Holy Roman Catholic Church and the answer hundreds of years of papal teachings and the writings and reflections of the Saints – tell us – very very little

When people ask the question, “Are protestants not worshiping Jesus?” And the answer which we have elaborated on here in the past via many different diverse and authentically Catholic sources is flat out – the difficult truth that they are worshiping “a different Jesus”

Substantiating this premise in a scathing review of the facts, which may appear offensive to some that are not completely catechized, essentially does not deviate one iota from the Truth is found in a brief CMTV video here on the link —>

‘Protty’ Jesus | On The Vortex video


The dire contrasts against the surrounding new Catholic religion, filled with half-truths, modernisms, and semi heresies can be suffocating but the light of the fresh spring air of Truth can also be seen and experienced clearly as in the following

A Traditional Society of Priests That Practices True Mercy – The Religious Order Of The Institute Of Christ The King Sovereign Priest


The conciliar Church repeatedly brings us to the new Vatican II catechism teachings that there is at least some Truth in every religion – but does not tell us to what extent and or how or if we are meant to incorporate these ‘supposed truths’ from otherwise false religions into the one true Church

Therefore all this forced exposure to protestantism has another affect

Side By Side With An Episcopal Or Lutheran Mass The New Rite Catholic Mass Appears Too Similar And Extremely Protestant

Over A Thousand Young People At Traditional Mass On Chartres France Pilgrimage Spelling The End Of Mythology About Young People And Tridentine Rite


Chartres Pilgrimage -The Most Important Annual Event in the Catholic Church Today – Video On YouTube

The Roman Catholic Restoration On The Move


Fr. Shenan Boquet: Speaking At The Rome Forum- “Reversing the revolution starts with absolute truths” | On LifeSite |


In this day and age it is becoming apparent not only to the existing populations of devout and faithful Catholics but to another entire generation of young people and young adults that there is tidal shift to suppress ‘absolute Truths’ that live in accord with doctrine, dogma, and Sacred Scripture – in the Faith and Reason that make up the clear aspects of the Truth that there is always a good and a bad, no gray areas but a clear black and white on every issue

In greater depth on these issues

There is a growing understanding of the treasures of who we are . There are retained elements of Royalism – Sovereignty and Hereditary Elites in various elements of world governments that are in some semblances still extant and that we have provided many worthy examples of proto-types and examples for our own society’s restoration and emulation, especially in the high moral character and tradition of their lives and offices.

However some of them are admittedly by their very nature are anti-Catholic in structure and discipline and must be recognized and exposed as such for what they are

I provide for example the Sovereign British empire in all its beauty and regalia

The Line of Succession – The Crown Chronicles


The Act of Settlement William and Mary’s Bill of Rights in 1689 declared that only Protestant heirs of Princess Sophia, Electress of Hanover and granddaughter of James I, were eligible to succeed the throne

The only official amendment to that decree since that time, in 1689, was made exactly three years ago and to which eliminated the male sex as an ‘only’ choice ( The abolishment of Salic Law became a Royal Britania decree thirty something months ago but does not affect Spain  )

It replaced primogeniture with what is known as “absolute primogeniture”. This is where the eldest child takes ascendant right precedent, ‘regardless of sex’ and stated that any Royal who marries a Roman Catholic, so long as they stay Protestant themselves

This means if either ‘Charles, Prince of Wales’ or ‘Prince William, Duke of Cambridge’ the next heir apparent(s) were to come to become convicted of the Truth of the one true Church, their conversion would cost them the Throne

Something (conversions) to pray for that would have an internationally wide ranging affect

For a more detailed explanation of “Absolute Primogeniture” please see the following link


It is of course very uncatholic to split estates and inheritances among family members and dissolve their holdings upon their passing

Escalating to the level of a mortal sin, in traditional Catholic social teaching, is the concept and or execution of a reverse mortgage – If there is no son or daughter the property is meant to go to the niece or nephew with the hereditary family name and Faith retention objectives

Catholic families of authentic Tradition Family and Property are called to sacrifice and defer to one heir in their local families – Primogeniture is indeed a component of Catholic Tradition

Many Catholic Societies including the Catholic region of Genoa Italy defer to the system of Ultimogeniture which is transmitting the main inheritance – family property- holdings – business or property to “the youngest” of the family name.

This procedure is also meant to be waived to the next in line if the inheritor renounced the Catholic Faith or his or her Baptismal rights

See the link for a more detailed explanation of Ultimogeniture and it’s acceptable variances


As both of these are part of our Catholic tradition – one needs to be reminded that Sacred Tradition even in the proper interpretation of Scripture in the way it is used below to apply to these matters is (Sacred Tradition) unique part of the ‘Word of God” and we must remember that Sacred Tradition wedded to Sacred Scripture and inseparable without damage = the Truth of the authentic Faith of our Trinitarian Eucharistic God and as seen in the following Scriptures

In 2 Corinthians we find

But I fear lest, as the serpent seduced Eve by his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted, and fall from the simplicity that is in Christ. For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus , whom we have not preached; or if you receive another Spirit, whom you have not received; or another gospel which you have not received; you might well bear with him. For I suppose that I have done nothing less than the great apostles

In 1 Galatians we find

I wonder that you are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ, unto another gospel. Which is not another, only there are some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ. But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach a gospel to you besides that which we have preached to you, let him be anathema. As we said before, so now I say again: If any one preach to you a gospel, besides that which you have received, let him be anathema. For do I now persuade men, or God? Or do I seek to please men? If I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ.

The authentically Catholic hereditary nature just previously described herein is very different from say ‘India’s ‘Caste system’ which is actually more similar to what is depicted in the Gospel of Mark called “Corban” – where Jesus explicitly refers in the greek translation to the difference between big “T” Sacred Tradition’s pedagogical rights and the traditions of men

Creating a nationality/class of people with rights superior to another nationality/class – In Jesus days on earth, they would give higher seats of honor and responsibilities at the Synagogue to those adult children that tithed their family’s funds to the “seat” or “chair” at the Synagogue that they wished to attain and at the expense of elderly parents – That was Jesus’ specific reference in the term ‘Corban’ in the Gospel of Mark as substantiated by multiple Catholic Church Fathers

A perfect example in today’s non –orthodox Jewish world , especially in NYC in large numbers, is their belief in salvation by nationality

In this particular example Eastern Catholic Priests  of India expressed so much outward anger at the latest “Caste” class assignments that recently occurred their Priests attacked their Bishops with violence, beatings and kidnappings in protest of the caste system

The Eastern Catholic Church’s Syro-Malabar Rite was established by Saint Thomas the apostle and has somewhere between 4 and 5 million members in southern India alone and although in communion with Rome it’s practices are a very very different religion from that of the new Rite of our western Catholic Church and extremely more traditional Catholic in nature.

So it is important that we understand the differences that are greater than supposed “mere nuances” as some of today’s hierarchy would lead us to believe – when in fact Tradition – History – and Ecclesiastical  elements of the mystical Body of Christ are a required ‘active’ component of our Faith

Protestors decry caste prejudice within India’s Catholic Church – CRUX


The Royal Mace Of Jersey


Double click for zooming to greater detail on the scepter of Mary Help Of Christians

Mary Help Of Christians