Vatican bank reports decline in profit : News Headlines | On Catholic is not nearly telling half the story

What this article does not tell you is that the international money laundering unit IOR that has been run by the masons for the better part of a century is in a behind the scenes battle for control – The attempt to eradicate and expose all this publicly is why John Paul the 1st was assassinated

Wresting control from the P2 Lodge will not be easy as the original board members that were the  liaisons to the notorious P2 Lodge in Italia were Sebastiano Cardinal Baggio (head of the Congregation of Bishops), Agostino Cardinal Casaroli (Vatican foreign minister), Jean Cardinal Villot (Vatican secretary of state), and Archbishop Paul Marcinkus, head of the Vatican Bank

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What is the money being spent on primarily – ?

The work of the elimination of class structures – that cannot (completely) happen in society – per their goal (egalitarianism ) without its elimination in Church ecclesiastics – (overthrow of theocracy and the establishment of Catholic democracies)

Hence the rotation of Cardinals over Curial Sees and the abolishment of hereditary Church family rulerships of certain Dicastries and Curial offices at the Archbishop and Cardinal levels, and now the coming studies of women lay directors of these powerful offices

Leo The XIII saw it coming within the Church and as prophesized as far back as the Summa of Saint Antoninus in the 1400s just prior (less than one century) to the protestant reformation and its significant forced financial upheavals to the classes. Quite a bit of this is captured in detail in Pope Leo’s Encyclical Rerum Novarum

Social Inequality Redounds to the Advantage of All – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Followed by Pius X landmark Catholic encyclical on Modernism within the Church being an alternate religion Pascendi Dominici Gregis (September 8, 1907) | PIUS X

The Divine Maternity Of The Queen of All Hearts inseparable union with God the Holy Ghost will always be something we have recourse to, even amid the chastisement of the Body of Christ that is being permitted from above for the greater glory of God in His overall plan

The mystery is upon us

The Holy Ghost And The Blessed Mother

The Octave Of Pentecost 2016