The object of the seemingly “invisible” transgender religion is to join opposites together – eliminate the notion of the God from without (outside) of one another and the saving salvific work needed from the sin that lives within us and find instead the God that lives within you and become one with it and join together with ” the self”, with the created

The ‘new’ religion of the transgendered is really not new  but a very ‘old’ religion

This is the fruit of almost a century of it’s return – the eastern mystery religions and the occult’s infiltration into western Christian civilization

The elimination of the Genesis account of separation and the notion that God made them male and made them female – The account of when God breathed and “separated the water from the land” The theologians of ONE decry it, the Christian theology and understanding of the world and creation, to be a misguided illusion

In their form of ‘ONE’ – syncretism must prevail – Religions must become one. You will find less and less bi-sexual – transgendered types in a specific religion but floating from one religion to spirituality to another religion encouraging them all (or shall I better phrase it) coercing and chastising all the flocks on their discriminatory ‘separateness’ in all thinking

Hence the NY Times Square non-denominational Church, non- rules, non dogma – supposedly Christian religion – growing in popularity by the day. In addition to having the various genders advocating for it They are following the Vatican’s lead to transcending ecumenism into non-Christian religions (as found in the Vatican II document Nostrae Aetae) and heading into “something else”

There are indeed only TWO forms of gender in the world and only TWO religions in the world

The one true religion that follows a Triune Eucharistic Trinitarian God and ‘pagansim’

Buddha –(and new age religions) as well as  Mohammedanism  and the Jewish all follow into their individual syncretisms of paganism

The majority of all of today’s Judasim follows a religion that was created long after Jesus Christ ascended into heaven and is based 80% to 90% on a created work called the Talmud and relies on it much more heavily than any Scripture, as you cam verify by speaking first hand to any Jewish person, including all of hasidim (the latter of which was created in the 1800s)  – There are jewish sabbaths where there are little if any Scripture, other than a psalm, read – Unlike the religion that was established by the God who become man – himself – these religions are the creation of man and to which man worship’s his creation – very alluring to the masses

The Truth is that there are ONLY those who worship creation and those who worship the true Triune creator

Dr. Peter Jones, for one, is a protestant theologian on contemporary social gospel crises facing the west and for the most part his philosophy and understandings closely follow that of Catholic adopted philosophers of Aristotle and Plato and are closely in line with Catholic exegesis Sacred Scripture when it comes to the authentic social gospel in the realm of the culture of death and to a degree more accurate then most of our own new-Catholic religion philosophers.

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There are many convergent interrelated elements at work. Many do not realize that Yoga is one of it’s vehicles brought in from the east, originally under much protest here in the west. Yoga is a combination of exercise and mediation focused on centering of all things on the oneness of everything, the god within the self, and the abolishment of anything of separateness including gender or religion, as it’s core meditative philosophy

Young people in public schools and thru today’s media are taught to reject differences and distinctions and to respect the eastern yogi philosophers, their  mantras and their (supposed) new common sense and onenss that replaces natural law.

Their philosophies of making all things ‘One’ violate the rights of God who made all things separate and the only thing ‘He’ makes one is a man and a woman in the Sacrament of marriage and nothing else, while on earth.

How can a people separated from God by their sins believe they can be one with the a god within them ?!

The creation of separation and joining is reserved solely to God alone

1 Gen 7 And God made a firmament, and divided the waters that were under the firmament, from those that were above the firmament, and it was so.

Job 26  10He hath set bounds and separated the waters, till light and darkness come to an end.

They believe that there continues to be floods because water and land should become “one” how that abolishment of that separation is meant to occur without eliminating creation none of them are quite sure.

“The seeds of Eastern mysticism sown in the West a generation ago are bearing copious fruit. The legendary Buddhist spiritual teacher Thich Nhat Hanh, influential among UN leaders, declared: “We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness.” He was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1967.”

It’s first and most powerful syncretism of the worship of creation in a hybrid form of gnosticism – with elements of animism and the sacred soul within animals that our children are taught in Disney content and animation from hollywood’s theologians, which includes the god within the ‘androgynous animal’ of which there are many sub-plots of same in many a disney movie and animated tv show. On screen to music it’s seemingly pretty and soft but behind it also has the governmental and militaristic ideologies of the grand orient of freemasonry for the enforcement of it in its social context.

Then in an astronomical context as well,  NOT an astrology context !,  there is truth to the fact that in and around the time of 09-11 and or shortly thereafter the Christian age of pisces had ended – in lunar procession that is – it’s basic science In astronomical procession we had been sitting between 330 degrees and 360 degrees and we have now moved just past 360 astronomical degree line into aquarius Although they were singing ‘Age of Aquarius’ back in the 60s and 70s,  the actual age of Aquarius is now only in this past decade and a half- They believe it indicates we have come past 360 degrees (full circle as their philosophers dictate) and we now all head toward becoming ‘one’ thing’ because ‘creation’ that they worship, and as they say, “draws us all there. We’re all called to come together in ecumenism and dialogue for the greater good of her (the earth) They believe the christian picsean age, whose sign was water -from Noah to the world’s baptism has ended They believe their new aquarian era holds the water of Christianity as as a bearer and only one of it’s mechanisms and that their religion is in the “air” and it is the new ‘air’ of its time that people breathe according to its beliefs – You will begin to find it in expressed as such more and more in contemporary art – music -books- stories – tv – movies -radio – animation AND new liturgies !

The west, like the majority of the east, have begun to worship creation – preparing the way for the one from below to bring his creation into power from among the prepared

This air is the heir of darkness

Have the Bishops forgotten the actual Word of God in Sacred Scripture

2 Cor 5- 6  Or what fellowship hath light with darkness? And what concord hath Christ with Belial? Or what part hath the faithful with the unbeliever?

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What is it preparing everyone for – who – what and where will be, “the ant-Christ predicted ?”

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They first eliminated the theocracy of a joined Church and state only to prepare the way for the elimination of the separation of Church and State and now the secular state begins to become the religion of the people and assume the rights and primacy to educate the children of the people as such – soon to be under interdict, sanctions, and penalties for not following same

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The age of martyrdom in the west will begin here in our lifetime as the enemy comes to power

But in the end we already quite sure that it actually looks like this