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The Sad Demise of a Once-Catholic University by Cliff Kincaid

What will happen if Notre Dame and Georgetown are  finally given ultimatums on the association of the “Catholic  name” ?!- Will they adopt transgendered bathrooms, when the russian roulette wheel turns to them on this subject, and jeopardize their television rights and their multi-million dollar a year football program income or Georgetown’s NCAA leadership -March Madness and Big East Tournaments that bring in big advertising dollars by the wheel barrel full with no pro-life censorship $  and no USCCB calls for boycotts of any abortion donating corporations or gender ideology corporations like Target and the like  ?! Basically the majority of the Bishops are in hiding and the real persecution has not even really begun

From the looks of this article and  these new Lavender graduations – it looks like they will adopt the golden calf, and as one of the largest Catholic Universities in the world will set the stage for the folding poker hand at the USCCB – Imposition of “sanctions”,  by far majority, was suppressed world over since Vatican II – What card will they play now ? Or will they run and let further infiltration run it’s course to the continuing auto-demolition of formal Catholic education in the US and the Church at large

*** They are changing our religion – live – before our eyes***

Alice Von Hildebrand Sheds New Light on Fatima – On OnePeterFive

The apparition of the third Secret of Fatima was , as numerous sources substantiate , suppressed and there was an elaborate cover-up that followed

What was in our Lady’s apparition ? Most insider Cardinals know – that the Prophesy was,  that within a Centenary,  the Mystical Body of Christ – the Catholic Church would become infiltrated at every level and signs would begin to emerge that the we are in the “Age of Apostasy” with the beautiful contradistinction of it also being within the Reign of Mary at The Foot Of the Cross,  and that the beginning of the end of days for humanity has begun

Tomorrow is the 99th anniversary of the start of these apparitions and puts us at 364 days till the Centenary of Fatima

May: The Month of Mary | Our Blessed Mother | On America Needs Fatima

Obscured Clouds On The Horizon Above The Vatican

Obscured Clouds On The Horizon Above The Vatican