Is Modern Man Irremediably Cut Off from Tradition? By Peter Kwasniewski on Novus Motus Liturgicus

As educator Michael Platt says:

Revolutions in manners and morals often start with just one or two or a few persons saying “no” to something. Human things are often like an army in flight that will never turn until one soldier stands and fights. It is sometimes said “you can’t bring back the past”, but you can, and strong ages, such as the Renaissance and the Reformation, do precisely that, revive and renew something lost, forgotten, and good.

The Restoration of rebellious elder Catholic sister – “Germany” begins as 11 Turn To The East And Begin To Fight

Eleven new Deacons for the FSSP (Wigratzbad Seminary)

11 Turn To The East To Fight - Wigratzbad Seminary -

The Traditional Order Of The Good Shepard (Ecclesia Dei) launches new web site and Spanish apostolate – 

Instituto Bom Pastor – Distrito da América Latina – Portada

Traditional Mass At Our Lady Of Mount Carmel, Yonkers NY Begins ! Mon- Sat -7:30am

Traditonal Mass At Our Lady Of Mount Carmel, Yonkers NY

Solemn High Mass For the Feast of Pentecost Sunday at Saint Anthony Of Padua –Jersey City- NJ – 2:00pm Monmouth and Sixth Streets – with dedicated Church Parking lot       

The resident choir at St. Anthony’s, Cantantes In Cordibus, will sing Mozart’s Missa Solemnis (KV 337) with orchestra under the direction of Simone Ferrarasi. The Propers will be sung by the Men’s Schola under the direction of Joseph Orchard, PhD. Motets will include Franck’s Dextera Domini, Biebl’s Ave Maria, and Desmet’s Ecce Sacerdos

Pentecost 2016 At Jersey Citys Saint Anthony Of Padua

Outdoor Procession In Mid-town Manhattan Following Solemn Mass @ 6:00pm For Corpus Christi Thursday –at Holy Innocents NYC – May 26th

Feast Of Corpus Christi 052616

If This Is Your Army Why Does It Run?  Braveheart –clip on You Tube

Post -fire Restoration Of The Shrine of Christ the King- Chicago Ill- The Order Of Christ The King Sovereign Priest

Engineering and evaluation analysis of the steel trusses and supports overhead and to the steel columns in the walls – begins!

Voice of The Family, Life Site News, Saint Michaels Media (CMTV) , Tradition Family and Property, Tradition in Action, The Remnant and other traditional Catholic apostolates make the call for a Catholic Resistance movement  To respond to Amoris Laetitia, and“the crisis of truth and the crisis of leadership within Catholic Church structures” that seriously threatens the well-being of children and the family a Catholic Resistance Movement is needed

Key doctrinal errors and ambiguities of Amoris Laetitia

From the Deputy International Director of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, at the Rome Life Forum on May 6, 2016.

The Catholic Resistance Movement Takes Shape Via Sacred Tradition and Our Seraphic Queen | TCE

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-Profiles in Resistance: An Irish Saint Rebukes the Pope – On The Remnant Newspaper

Associate Professor At Boston University “Says Pope’s Exhortation Claims and Citing Of Saint Thomas Aquinas Does Not Hold Up “Does Amoris Laetitia Retreat from Absolute Moral Norms?” – Crisis Magazine

The Sword Of Saint Michael

Sword Of Saint Michael - Marian X