Catholic-Muslim Committee Meeting At The Vatican highlights shared beliefs

At the end of the colloquium, the participants proposed the following 8 points: (a mixture of heterodox and apostate notions)

#1 Is Masonic

  1. We share beliefs and moral values. Our commonalities are much more than our particularities, and they constitute a solid basis peacefully and fruitfully living together, also with persons of good will who do not profess a particular religion.

#2 The humanizing role of our religions is both masonry and syncretism – The Gospel and the Mystical Body Christ calls for the role to be “other” not inner and humanizing

  1. We believe in the humanizing and civilizing role of our religions, when their followers adhere to their principles of worshiping God and loving and caring for the other.

#3 Abolishment of class hierarchy – social structure and clerical hierarchy and the institution of the egalitarianism fought for during the French Revolution

  1. We believe that God bestowed upon every person dignity and inalienable rights. They are His gifts that should be recognized, guaranteed and protected by law.

#4 We pledge solidarity with our brother and sisters in humanity REGARDLESS of religious background – Ooops there it is …the mantra of one of the highest degrees of grand orient freemasonry

  1. We pledge our solidarity with our brothers and sisters in humanity who are in any kind of need regardless of their ethnic, religious or cultural background.

#5 We can never use large charitable contributions – in providing food and shelter through the construction of missions to expect government and social cooperation to convert – Really ?! That was the main method of conversion of 3rd world countries via missions for hundreds of years – since when is the protestant word ‘proselytize’ used to describe actively converting and leveraging apologetics to the one true Faith by any means possible considered ‘to ‘proselytize’ Why is the Catholic Church suddenly attempting to make itself one religion among many ?!

  1. Our help to the poor and the needy should be offered out of compassion and for the sake of God’s favour. It should never be used to proselytize.

#6 An education that prepares the youth for ecumenism – syncretism and dialogue under the new mantra of ‘respectful diversity” – terminology that was NEVER used in the history of Roman Catholicism and whose object is to abolish the teaching of authentic Catholic Philosophy in education regarding “absolute Truths”

  1. We believe that the youth represent not only the future of humanity. They are also an important part of its present. They have the right to proper education that prepares them to be good citizens respectful of diversity.

#7 They would be amiss if they did not give a plug for the additional syncretism with the green religion and the unproven theories of global warming as our new replacement philosophy that creates “common” complicated crises in environment

  1. Our world, our “common home”, is going through many complicated crises and needs the steady efforts of its inhabitants to make it a suitable place where we can live together peacefully, sharing the resources of the universe, mindful of future generations.

#8 International Law is again given primacy over the rights of God even though International law advocates for subsidized infanticide on demand,  legal suicide – subsidized unlimited contraception – sodomite marriage and transvestite rights

  1. We express our proximity and solidarity with all those who suffer, especially from violence and armed conflict. Respect for international law, dialogue, justice, mercy, compassion are values and adequate means to achieve peace and harmony.

The PCID and the RIIFS, grateful to Almighty God for their fruitful collaboration, decided to continue it, meeting within a year to prepare for the V colloquium.

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