While there was some merit to the earliest Jesuitism in the days of Bellarmine – The Jesuits followed a trajectory of looking to reconcile, on their own, a harmony between two contradictory worlds

Romano Amerio describes it in detail in Iota Unam

Jesuitism “In the search for dialectical harmony between the two worlds, which is always difficult to find, the Jesuits tend to make Christianity a friend to human nature, inasmuch as it is good and from God, rather than struggle against human nature, inasmuch as it is corrupted and recalcitrant (Eternal Catholicism of antiquity)”

Their orders were suppressed in different eras

We see their moral theology fell into laxism Their school of thought removes the difference between vice and virtue and cloaks excuses into a complex theological matrix intended to make the way of salvation as easy as possible (Anyone who as ever attended a Catholic Jesuit school knows this to be true  more than first hand  for themselves -as to how they turn it into a science)

They suppress the Catholic dynamic of predestination and in its interplay with freewill – They overestimate the part of man’s free will in the process of salvation and allow subjective opinion the largest of says in making moral choices

They reject authentic Thomistic theology informed by Aristotlean Philosophy – They instead take selective  and radical item positions of Plato as their base  philosophy and seek ‘ the realists eutopia’ described in Plato as conceived by the works of Campanella

Its eutopia theories of society and reconciling mortal sin to a lesser evil in attempts at a ‘harmonic peace’ is in part the eastern mystery religion of “taoism” the rejection of original sin and the existence of hell as a real place that the majority goes down to. In it’s other component it is in-part the ideological constructs of the wide spread and very prevalent social & government teaching ideologies of “grand orient freemasonry”

To this Grand Inquisitor NO ONE should turn over their souls but should requisitely forewarn others

The fruit of the fall out of the re-rise to power of this formerly suppressed school of thought is currently as suffocatingly surrounding as bad air

See the extensive and current substantiation that follows —>

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Rather than use my frequently termed analogies of a raging internal revolutionary war that is not being televised, he said

The issues of the post –conciliar Church since Vatican II “Is a like a major naval battle being waged out at sea, at night ! “

Müller, Küng, Marx, and St. Joan of Arc –On OnePeterFive

“The Catholic Church, therefore, faces a very serious situation, where many vulnerable souls are at stake and where there seems to be a growing atmosphere of intolerance toward those who try to defend the Catholic Truth”


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 “Between heresy and orthodoxy there are many possible gradations.  Heresy is the open, formal, persistent opposition to a truth of faith.  However, there are doctrinal propositions, while not being explicitly heretical, are censored by the Church with theological qualifications proportionate to their gravity and contrast with Catholic doctrine[9].  Opposition to the truth in fact, presents different grades, depending on whether it’s direct or indirect, immediate or remote, open or hidden, and so on. ‘

 ‘Amoris laetitia is a scandalous document, with catastrophic effects for souls.’ “


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