Traditional Rite Mass For Pentecost Sunday at Saint Anthony of Padua Jersey City, with Music of Mozart is announced on Novus Motus Liturgicus to coincide with a special 40th Priestly Anniversary of the Rev. John Perricone

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Also following tonight’s last Mass of Ascension Thursday it is Traditional to begin the first eve of the Nine Day Novena to the Holy Ghost

In breaking Presidential Political news with all the democrat media rhetoric and political propaganda not withstanding Donald Trump has chosen John Mashburn as his chief Policy Director – amazing

Donald Trump Hires Pro-Life Advocate as Top Domestic Policy Director

It means he’s serious – of his claims – He will see to Supreme Court nominees (which is what this is all really about- the election) that will make Abortion in this country a marginally available thing that is not some widely lucrative and highly profitable abusive business and Mashburn will see it through that all State and Federal tax payers subsidies and funding will become eliminated

The dawn of belief has begun to break that the darkness we are in the midst of could see a break


Let us dedicate our Novenas to the Unborn that a million plus more babies to be born will worship the one true God for a chance at existence

On this Solemnity We wish you a Happy Ascension Thursday

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