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“Against Evolution”  How The bankrupt Theory Of Evolution Has Overthrown The Genesis Account Of the Fall With the Help Of Catholic Enablers

Surveying The Wreckage – Special by Christopher Ferrara – Courtesy of TLM Magazine

Against Evolution – Surveying The Wreckage

Welcome To The Treasures of Kolbe Center For The Study Of Creation – (Containing the traditional infallible  – eternal magisterium teachings of the Roman Catholic Church on these issues)

The Traditional Catholic Doctrine of Creation

Humani Generis (August 12, 1950) | PIUS XII

  1. Such fictitious tenets of evolution which repudiate all that is absolute, firm and immutable, have paved the way for the new erroneous philosophy which, rivaling idealism, immanentism and pragmatism, has assumed the name of existentialism, since it concerns itself only with existence of individual things and neglects all consideration of their immutable essences.

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The False Teaching Of Our Beloved and misguided Pope on the deleterious teachings of Evolution » Pope Francis’s comments on the Big Bang are not revolutionary. Catholic teaching has long professed the likelihood of human evolution

The Solution = Traditional Catholic Homeschooling

***HSLDA is Home School Legal Defense Association***

This association has greatly matured and now also even has advanced key resources for Home Schooling Students of disabled or special needs with consultants and seminars available on same

Also we must never overlook the recourse to the supernatural for parents to tap into the treasure well of the means and methods of the Saints of Antiquity – The Mysticism of the Body Of Christ and the powerhouse intercession of the Blessed Virgin Queen of All Hearts

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