The Crisis in Education and the Answer of St. Thomas Aquinas by Kathleen Willett M.F.A.

Just what has happened to the Catholic Education system and why are we getting such bad catechesis? Why is there so much bad theology and liberalism rampant at Catholic Schools and Colleges?

Hedge Schools and Classical Education in Ireland – Crisis Magazine

Seamus MacManus presents a stirring image of the courageous Irish teachers refusing to let British prejudice and bigotry snuff out the light of wonder. I’d like to believe some ancestor of mine could be counted among those brave, devoted teachers who let nothing stop them from telling young people the truth.

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Homeschooling | More families across the pond are homeschooling, but laws against it persist in many countries

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We must remember that the Vatican II document on Religious Liberty surrendered the primacy of THE RIGHT of parents to be the primary educators of their children over THE RIGHTS OF THE STATE

Authentic Catholic Magisterial teaching on the subject can be found within ‘Divini Illius Magistri’

Pope Pius XI encyclical on Catholic Education and how to educate our children

  1. These rights have been conferred upon civil society by the Author of nature Himself, not by title of fatherhood, as in the case of the Church and of the family, but in virtue of the authority which it possesses to promote the common temporal welfare, which is precisely the purpose of its existence. Consequently education cannot pertain to civil society in the same way in which it pertains to the Church and to the family, but in a different way corresponding to its own particular end and object.
  2. Now this end and object, the common welfare in the temporal order, consists in that peace and security in which families and individual citizens have the free exercise of their rights, and at the same time enjoy the greatest spiritual and temporal prosperity possible in this life, by the mutual union and co-ordination of the work of all. The function therefore of the civil authority residing in the State is twofold, to protect and to foster, but by no means to absorb the family and the individual, or to substitute itself for them.

What are the top 10 reasons to abandon public schools and the majority of the Catholic schools that have been infiltrated

  1. Evolution – A false theory of the history of creation

2. Gender Ideology – That people have the right to choose what gender they are above and beyond – natural law and the designs of the Almighty

3. Sycretism of religions to a unified spiritual non-obligatory God

4. Truth is taught as subjective – the rights of humanity above all other rights including that of God – personal conscience determines all morality

5. Abortion Euthanasia and Homosexuality become a human civil rights right

6. Children are taught to object to Capital punishment – and war in all forms and that hereditary elites and monarchical structures are evil and the classes should be abolished

7. Children are taught the concept that theocracy violates the rights of man

8. Children are taught that the State is supreme and should be adhered to in all matters as #1 and the exaltation of the green environment a main component of the States’ (religion)

9. Children are taught that Jesus is one of many great teachers – even in Catholic schools

10. Children are taught that the Mass is all about sharing at the last supper and memorializing it for the human dignity that is present and Holy in all people sinners and non- sinners alike, as well as in  fictitious pseudo souls that are in animals

Catholic children being taught to militantly oppose Catholicism in contrast to ..

Saint Anne teaching the Mother of God her lessonsSaint Anne teaching the Mother of God her lessons