Aside from major news on the SSPX – there are stories herein that are integrally related

Quite a few have asked – why is so very little of what is really going on in the Catholic Church , as seen here , not being broadcast or available anywhere either in the regular media, the Catholic media, or via the Church itself – valid question –

It’s quite simple. There is radical liberal majority in the Church whose power base is only now visibly starting to crumble at the facade, yet they continue to enforce their edicts that the revolution within the Catholic Church WILL NOT be aired under any media they have influence in and control of, and anyone that does not maintain the affront of the sheen of denial – ( the reigning corporate culture of the Catholic Church) is subject to suppression and or potential sanctions- full stop-

Pope ready to regularize SSPX? : News Headlines | Catholic Culture

In this particular case even Main stream Catholic media has picked up on it- wow

Is There a ‘Profound Change’ Between Rome and the SSPX? | Daily News |

Letter to all the prelates of SSPX by their superior general was just leaked, indicating a Society wide call to accept a potential regularization to Personal Prelature – as ‘an Order in full communion with the Church’

The letter is extensive and appears as if the SSPX and other high ranking Vatican prelates among the Faithful and Orthodox Catholics see  the SSPX as being able to bring a life of order and holiness back to into Church that is here embroiled in crisis on every issue

The Vatican will allow the questioning of Vatican II without a requirement of its adoption for the traditional order & its Catholics, it’s acceptance of it as a non-doctrinal pastoral approach that is NOT infallible Catholicism (which every professional theologian and faithful Cardinal has maintained from the beginning !)

The Schmidberger Letter urging SSPX acceptance of regularization: English translation and French original

In general in the Catholic Church something has to break here in this raging two Churches that are completely opposite on the interpretation of every doctrine – dogma- Sacrament – theology and philosophy – To attempt to maintain that there is not preconciliar Catholicism and postconciliar Catholicism, has begun to move from the realm within the Church as a phenomenon of denial to a lie that is becoming tantamount to a confessible serious sin

Some key examples

The Spain Archbishop has just banned THE PREFECT OF THE CONGREGATION OF THE DOCTRINE OF FAITH – THE CDF himself from speaking at a University to present his new book- The Archbishop claims HIS C. Muller’s theology, (as if there was such a thing) of his orthodox Catholicism is against the Pope !
Archbishop Bans Cardinal Müller From University Because New Book is, “Against the Pope”

The Pope just wrote to and acknowledged Hans Kung ?! the dissident and suspended Ad Divinis – Vatican II theologian – This periti advisor to Vatican II, you will remember, has been calling ( from the beginning) for ‘ Communion for the married and divorced”  “Refutation of the Real Presence”  Abolition of celibacy and women Priests ! » Pope replied to my letter on infallibility debate, says Hans Küng

“Is the Pope Catholic?” suddenly a serious question – On Crux

Pope Francis seems out of touch with the reality of modern Catholicism | On  LifeSite

There was another major leak this week in France – The head lodges of Freemasonry had their servers infiltrated

There is about to be published an extensive list of Priests, High Ranking  Prelates and Politicians that are active members of the Masonic construction of the new world order – I expect that by this time next month this will be a game changer that will partially end the Catholic era of the denial of the revolution in the Catholic Church underway since Vatican II and escalating in every decade hence –

Masonleaks — Leak of Documents from the Grand Lodge of France

While We Were Sleeping

Michael Voris in a famous video-taped talk examines Western culture, especially as expressed in America, and how, like in the last days of the Roman Empire, the sun may be setting over an entire civilization.

Saint Catherine of Siena  -Memorial of great female Doctor and battler of dissident Papacies  (new Rite today /old Rite tomorrow) and defender against the ruin of Rome

Pray for us !

Rome In Ruins