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Enter in – the errors of the neo-Catholic religion of many within our Holy Mother Church

Although John Paul II had himself ventured into waters of false ecumenism on many an occasion, he never attempted to change the doctrine or the catechetical dogmas of the Catholic Church.

Today’s neo-Catholic Church actually encourages Catholics to attend protestant assemblies and events at which events there is ALWAYS a promotion of divorce of Christ from His Body the Church (in word or literature), which of course is theoretically and physically impossible

We have professional lay Catholic people today that work in rectories and dicastry offices and many confused Catholic Priests telling people it is not only ok to attend protestant speakers, events and to “experience” islamic cultures first hand but makes encouragement of their heresy public

Those that have studied the reformation know that it was largely the errors of protestantism that were a direct contributor to the spread of the multiplicity of the apostasy of islam on much greater scales of magnitude.

The dichotomy of all this was that it was Saint John Paul II himself in a speech at Salmanca that stated verbatim ” Be on guard against the dangerous illusion of separating Christ from His Church and the Church from the Magisterium”

But it is the new Catholic religion come about, that is telling us quite the diametric opposite – that we need these “experiences” so that we can “enter in” to the mystery of Christ and towards the goal of having an “‘existential’ experience in Christ’ Therefore today’s spiritual sensory craving orientation of peoples increasingly seeks out heresy rather than to use the opportunity to infuse themselves with the knowledge of the hows and whys of the actual errors vs. the abject Truth.

The then Cardinal Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) termed this as false . He stated that outside of Holy Mass there should be attended events of solid Catechesis and stated flatly Catechesis is essentially intellectual and aims to transmit knowledge, NOT to produce an existential experience or to what is called the ‘insertion’ into the mystery of Christ

Here we have some the errant deviations causing dissolution within the mystical Body of Christ at their root and to whose confusion a sword has emerged in our midst to help remedy

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