What is this all about?!
The Catholic Church, the one true Holy Apostolic Roman Catholic Church is under a continuous siege that has moved from without the Church to a revolution within Church since the 1960s

It is in the process of deposing the theocratic model of the Church and distribute power to a form of Christian democracy in the failed models of protestantism

It is entertaining proposals from the feminist women’s  lobby in their quest for roles in the Vatican congregations as well as major Dicastries

The current Pope that was prophesized by Malachy a 12th, century Archbisho, p to be the last Pope of the Catholic Church (which could potentially mean the last reigning Pope that possessed magisterial authority prior to divesting the authority Papacy, dispatching it to local collegiality and declaring personal conscience rule the day

The current Pope has promised to dedicate in his Pontificate one entire Synod to the “ collegial “ discussion of laicizing the priesthood and removing the requirements of Priestly celibacy in the west

It must first prepare the way to polygamy  before polytheism (multiple gods) can be restored to paganism in the west

The Anti-Christ is coming – the prophesy that in the end of times men will become women and women men is upon us and has escalated it’s full force upon civilization

How will the relativist radical secular humanism of anthropocentrism force the world to worship Baphomet the rising false God of androgyny -? And the re-ushering Inconceivable many will say …I will never do it…..most will say

The engines of the “Goat of Mendes” –the uniting of the forces through Hollywood(s) plural  – fueled  by powerful masonic governments that are in support of  ultra-feminism will change the minds and the will of people by disseminating its message in every form of media to the depths of the souls of the peoples

It is the

The rising phoenix

The eastern mystery religions of the coming to power of the joining of opposites. It decries its Litany that goes on and on ….”I am the whore AND the virgin” , “”I am he AND she” ” I am the night and the day” …for pages …..

You will remember how Satan – the ultimate dragon brought Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior to the top of the parapet of the Temple and unto the mountain tops and showed him all the Kingdoms he would give him charge of he were to yield to him but Jesus rebuked him

In the frustration of the enemy and to have the people worship his creation he was reminded that he was unable to create a bird or even as much as a bee but satan remained steadfast that one day he would create something and he would form the worship of the world of it because as he believes he is the reigning prince of this world and this right he believes is his regardless of his near pending extinction

Therefore he created “The Transvestite” that will rise to power

In today’s scripture Reading in the Office of Readings In The Liturgy of the Hours is  – Revelation 13

3And I saw one of his heads as it were slain to death: and his death’s wound was healed. And all the earth was in admiration after the beast. 4And they adored the dragon, which gave power to the beast: and they adored the beast, saying: Who is like to the beast? and who shall be able to fight with him? 5And there was given to him a mouth speaking great things, and blasphemies: and power was given to him to do two and forty months. 6And he opened his mouth unto blasphemies against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven. 7And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them. And power was given him over every tribe, and people, and tongue, and nation. 8And all the dwell upon the earth adored him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb, which was slain from the beginning of the world. 9If any man have an ear, let him hear. 10He that shall lead into captivity, shall go into captivity: he that shall kill by the sword, must be killed by the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints11And I saw another beast coming up out of the earth, and he had two horns, like a lamb, and he spoke as a dragon. 12And he executed all the power of the former beast in his sight; and he caused the earth, and them that dwell therein, to adore the first beast, whose wound to death was healed. 13And he did great signs, so that he made also fire to come down from heaven unto the earth in the sight of men. 14And he seduced them that dwell on the earth, for the signs, which were given him to do in the sight of the beast, saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make the image of the beast, which had the wound by the sword, and lived. 15And it was given him to give life to the image of the beast, and that the image of the beast should speak; and should cause, that whosoever will not adore the image of the beast, should be slain.

Without being profane the ‘wound’ discussed in Scripture is its genitailia. Further to the substantiation points, you will notice that when the States were battling one at a time for legalizing sodomite marriages as well as in other parts of the world (and there were hundreds and hundreds  of legal professionals in it’s evil employ) that what delayed the States from falling faster one after another you will find in many a news release was the lobbyists of the creation of a 3rd sex’s  bitter hold out for their legal ultimate trophy – “rights for the transgendered” which is written into the majority of the States constitutions in a great litany of details

States in the majority held laws all the way up until the 1950s that if caught in an act of homosexuality it was punishable by a felony conviction – Reiterating those facts and laws is now a hate crime in several of those same States – Fulfilling Scripture where the good and the righteous will become viewed as bad and the opposite will become the good and the righteous and made to appear same in the eyes of the people

While not advocating any specific site/apostolate /religion or person in these videos, here are some links– to give the overall idea and the weight of the Scriptural prophetic nature and the Sacred Tradition concept that the beginning of the end of times has clearly begun




What is the mark of the beast?

Insertion of advanced chemical bio-engineering and to speed the sex change processes of the new race

It will become legal and part of required tax contributions

It’s power will advance just like abortion has and everyone is now required to financially contribute to the rights of your neighbors to kill their children in the womb – something inconceivable several decades ago

Therefore everyone will potentially meet the requirement of serving the beast or go to jail

Before I digress topics and go into a humorous slant during a serious subject and discuss the US constitutional rights to bear arms and protect one’s family & property and where good legal gun stores are located – laughs

Remember ! that  it’s goal is to shut down the womb and have others worship its crushing – Our Davidic Queen has crushed its head once and in the Incarnation of the Word of God that became flesh She will again and that is why this same era of contradistinction will now also be called the Reign of Mary

For we Serve the Majesty of Her Son

The United Nations is committed in it’s top three agenda items to making transgender equal rights- a global requirement and you will see that escalate in these days in strange out of proportion speeds

Most believe “IT” will rule – if not in this generation then the one that immediately follows and it will inact global abortion rights from conception past the womb – even unto new definitions of “personhood”

If the people will allow IT to overcome them and be ruled by them – The Lord will allow it in a chastisement that many will say the current world deserves.

The Church will help it along and it will become illegal to pray for the conversion of a homosexual to heterosexual in the near future

For all this talk of trusting Shepards and becoming more docile sheep – that is NOT this era – This era call for the rise of the Church Militant and a war time concigliere

Diocesan Pastor Calls Brother Priests to Stand and Resist, Warns ……………

What if the one attempting “Shepard the Sheep” in a certain cornered direction is a Wolf ?


What is certain is that we have entered an era known as the beginning of the end of time

The Remnants of Christianity that have not been fooled into accepting a host of false anthropocentric Liturgies will unite with a large remnant of converted Jews

Once it comes to full and reigning power know that there is less than four earth years left and the cataclysms – if they have not already begun, will escalate

The issues of climate that the peoples believe are man-made will become astronomical occurrences of increasing frequency Queen Of Heaven Crushed Serpent Powerfully