Vatican-approved magazine: Exhortation opens door to Holy Communion for remarried divorcees » The men who could be pope: Cardinal Christoph Schönborn

Re-introducing the late Cardinal Leo Joseph Suenens who passed away in 1996

He was the leading Vatican II prelate that #1 formed the moast controversial of the Vatican II documents contested and challenged for their Catholic authenticity for decades Lumen gentium and Gaudium et spes.likewise he was the primary Ecclesial advocate of the Charismatic Catholic (“Renewal” ?)

Both he and Shorborn broke the Latin only Ecclesial composition by authoring Guadium Et Specs – new constitution – “in French” and initiating the first controversies of language interpretation and being open to the spirit – as many of the same words and phrases in the document (that was also adjusted many times with omissions and additions ) in something completely different than it’s Italian /Latin version of the same document of non-binding pastoral content to insinuate a new law –

Same method being used today as in the above current news stories as seen here

aka Guadium Et Specs Concluding statement  in French “We wish to give the force of law to all that we have set forth “

In Italian “What we have here established and ordained we wish to remain valid and effective for now”

And on and on …etymologists have had a field day with the hundreds and hundreds of discoveries of the intended contradictions and re-compositions of Post Concilar Catholicism

What these Cardinals have in common is ushering in – personal interpretation by “the Spirit” – in becoming the new leading Ecclesial advocates of the Charismatic Renewal to propagate same They have been on-board from the beginning, and have indoctrinated many a Bishop, with liberalizing Holy Communion to divorced and remarried and to all of its current abuses such as protestant “ministers” of Holy Communion in the hand and on and on ….

As Pope Benedict XVI had repeatedly stated ministers are only present in protestant assemblies and there are no ministers in the Catholic Church only Deacon and Sub-Deacons – Pope Benedict likewise banned all lay distributors of Holy Communion as well as banning Holy Communion in the hand

Watch any Papal event from his last years on You Tube and you will see people who stick out their hands for the Lord’s Sacrifice being rightfully denied Holy Communion to which the protestants of course objected and the Charismatics sided with the protestants

Perfect example …….meet the

National Association of Evangelicals

One of the head NAE directors – Meet Samuel Rodriguez

Samuel Rodriguez – claim to fame is his relationship with the Charismatic Catholic Renewal which he personally considers a God send because it sends him the majority of all of his converts

Quoting him directly =”If you are fortunate enough to be part of the Charismatic Catholics the majority of you will be a member of one of my Churches within 10 years”  as statistics continue to prove him correct

Samuel Rodriquez responsible for more conversions of Catholics than any other ex-Catholic evangelical Pastor has a specialty in “inviting ” Charismatics to his not so moderate easier world

The Charismatic Appetite of the Cult Of Experience “Does it deviate from a true form of Catholic Penance and true Communion” on New Orthodox Review

Why is not the Catholicism of our fathers – their grandfathers and their grandfather ancestors enough for us today – Does the timeless Faith of the ages lack something ?

Was the Catholic Church wrong and is there now a great shining enlightenment upon it in the last fifty years ? (As Vatican II and the Charismatic Renewal are roughly the same age )

Or do statistics in the United States indicate that in the last 50 years we have lost 40% of Diocesan Priests – 50% of religious order Priests – 40% of Brothers 90% of vowed religious order teachers and 75% of the nuns are gone

These are facts of the current era since Vatican II from the US Bishops current statistics

The obvious trajectory

If we continue at the current trajectory “In the spirit” and “open to personal interpretation” 50% of the Catholic Churches and schools that are still open today will be completely shuttered in 36 months. If the traditional Catholic restoration movement is not embraced on a wider level and the current Episcopate’s radical liberal and egalitarianism is not deposed and properly excoriated as every generation of Patriarchy and Saint before us have done then we will witness in the very near future the devastated vineyard

Devastated Church _01

Devastated Vineyard Devastated Catholic_Church_Ruins_In_Nagasaki


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