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April 30, 2016, 6 to 9 PM

An evening event for homeschooling parents, and parents who are interested in homeschooling.

 Please join us for a panel discussion with experienced homeschooling moms who will share their tips!  Cumulatively, they have decades of homeschooling experience, including homeschooling large families, single children, families with babies and toddlers in the home, and homeschooling through high school.  These moms will share their experiences and wisdom, and will address questions.

6-7 pm, Adoration

7-9, Panel discussion and conversation Location:  St. Anthony of Padua Oratory, 1360 Pleasant Valley Way, West Orange, NJ

Please reply by April 28 if you will attend, or send any questions to heathermarvell@yahoo.com

 All are welcome.

No children except for nursing babies, please!

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Hope you can make it !

What follows are background for both the initiated and the uninitiated- Keeping in mind this relativistic secular Education Crisis that is bankrupt of authentic Catholic ideals morals, virtues and the Catholic imagination resident within the Mystical Body of Christ began long before the infiltration of the government’s Common Core fiasco into establishment Catholic schools

The following is the Forward on a book entitled “Restoring The Family” by Mirian T Horvat PdD

It is in our view that the American traditionalist and conservative movements are probably the most important in today’s world.  Often, one of their characteristics is courage. I will focus on just one point . Because parents objected to the revolutionary path of public schools and progressivist hues of religious institutions of learning , they refused to send their children to them . From this general reaction the initiative of home-schooling was born. These parents did not fear the fashionable accusations : “Your children will not have companions to socialize with” or “your children will not have a diploma after finishing their studies” They cared first about the spiritual and intellectual health of their children; the rest would come And come it did. The State has already started recognizing these studies pursued at home so that homes-schooled students can enroll in universities . Also and even better , various conservative and traditionalist colleges have been founded here and there to provide higher education to these youth after high-school. Therefore, the American home-schooling initiative won citizenship . At the beginning of the battle were two principal elements: Catholic Faith and courage

The successful American experiment provides a good example to be followed by those European and Latin American Catholics who are also conservatives or traditionalists, but still fearful of social pressures. My Intention, however, is not to enter into the moral counsels. I want to point out another interesting consequence of the mentioned initiative

By taking their children out of those schools and keeping them at home, the parents, perhaps without realizing it entirely, were creating conditions for a Catholic restoration of family life. Several factors contributed to this fact

First, this reaction on the whole represented a leap back in Catholic religious formation to a state of things before Vatican II, which means a return of 50 years. As for the general education, this reaction signified a return to a state of things before public schooling became compulsory under law, that is about 100 years ago. What this return signified then is that the children are being raised in a healthy moral milieu, out of the stream of the most recent revolutionary customs and ideas

Second, when the children are at home, the parents must educate them, the mother during the day, the father after work. This education is no longer the cold anonymous education of remunerated employees of a distant instant institution, but a personalized instruction given in an ambiance of love and respect. Instead of money to form their children, the parents have to give  of themselves, their old school books and recall those forgotten rules of grammar so necessary to speak well, those main facts of History indispensable for a clear understanding of the political and social reality or even those boring laws and formulas of Physics and Chemistry that will allow their children to analyze what is happening is Science today. When a brother or sister is more advanced, he or she also helps teach the younger children . Besides the learning at home, which we believe can be more efficient that elsewhere, this familiar instruction is an inestimable factor of psychological stability and security for children who grow up in a warm ambiance of consideration.

This, the confidence of children in their parents increases. Instead of being viewed as merely the ones who pay for their outside education, the parents are seen as teachers, the ones who know and explain for them what are life, religion, history, and science. It is not necessary to stress that this continuity of the same familiar thinking is a powerful factor to avoid conflicts and improve harmony inside a home.

Without the pretension of presenting a complete picture, I  simply wanted to exemplify how the Catholic family found a great factor of restoration in the homeschooling movement

Explaining these principals are of course not limited to home schooling but of course overlap to touch on the importance of family traditions for a Catholic home: the significance of maintaining the same house and land to avoid instability and the disappearance of the family; the importance of the father and the goodness of the mother

In another example given in conclusion,

a traditional Catholic family that Dr. Horvat described of an 18 year old – “a ray of light that crossed her path” – the eldest daughter of a large family, her mother a housewife and home schooler, who stayed at home teaching the children and re-assuming the parental right and duty to educate the children. Her father with a confident, calm, air, clearly the head of his family The daughter beautiful, composed, with a purity of countenance proper to the feminine ideal, told me she had finished her high school studies.

What will you do now ? I inquired. “I’m going to stay home I can help my mother and set up a little home business with an idea my father and I are working on. I can’t imagine going away and living by myself. I love my little brothers and sisters  and want to be part of their lives “

Instead of following the modern fashion to leave home at age 18 to get a job and apartment , or move to a dormitory in a university far from home to assert her “independence”, this girl realized the value of being part of a whole, the family, with the protection it afforded to develop her personality

What this young lady was expressing, without realizing it was the life of her family was sufficient for her to fulfill her existence . First , she felt that she was fulfilling her filial fraternal duties. Second she was acquiring the taste for the small pleasures and happiness that a life lived with temperance brings. Third, with this unpretentious and joyful way of being, she was preparing herself to be a faithful wife and good mother in the future. Fourth, and foremost she was pleasing Our Lord and Our Lady who had with Saint Joseph in Nazareth a simple life like this filled with all the simple blessed pleasures the family life can bring. This family life yesterday as today, is born from tradition and founded on the principals of authority, hierarchy, and courage, lived in a calm and confident environment. That this life is beginning to re-emerge in families offers a hope of grand regeneration to come.

On the promise of a future regeneration of Christian civilization Msgr. Delassus once wrote  ‘ It is true that God at times chastises – and there is a chastisement in the present situation (in our Church and civilization). But it is also true that God does not repent of His gifts, Sooner or later, He will re-place Christendom on the pathways of its youth . And this cannot be too late.

It is my hope that this small book “Restoring The Family” will, with the help of our Lady , contribute in some way to this restoration.

Additional background on the current situation and how parents have come to experience how deeply destructive Common Core has been to the formation of their children contributing to the movement of Home Schooling having grown to over a million Faithful people

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