With the Holy Shroud gaining wider and wider scientific substantiation as a supernatural artifact there is obviously an increased interest in Catholic academic circles as well as interest of piety from the same and of the faithful

Tonight in Ramsey, New Jersey there is presentation of an exact replica of the Holy Shroud and talk with live demonstration by traveling Holy Shroud speaker Donald Nobs

There is also live music scheduled – see the flyer below for more details >La Santa Sindone- Holy Shroud Presetnation By Donald Nobs -Wycoff NJ

If you are unable to make tonight’s event – next week – on Thursday April 14th there will be a Shroud of Turin Presentation by John Iannone at Saint Patricks Cathedral – Parish House on the lower level –

John Iannone is a subject matter expert that was invited by Cardinal Saldarini to begin studying the Holy Shroud in 1978 and began with their STURP science project to examine and study same and through Turin’s Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

Having worked with Shroud research greats such as Fr. Peter M. Rinaldi, S.D.B , he is the author of the The Mystery of The Holy Shroud, the case for authenticity and was the closing speaker in Rome for the last (2015)  Holy Shroud exposition

The start time is 6:15pm and the event  is sponsored by the Patricians of the 3rd Order Order of the Legion Of Mary with more details to be seen on the flyer link pdf below>


  • Mary full of grace bring us into the mysteries of lives of sacrifice within our Crucified God
  • Holy Shroud