It’s been less than a year now since the Interview by Cardinal Walter Brandmueller on the auto-demotion of the Church from within and there have been many others since, including Vatican Congregation Prefects

Retired cardinal sounds alarm: sees in Church ‘a perverse lust for self-destruction’ | News | LifeSite

In today’s day we have the same

Laity, Rise Up! | The Vortex

Bishop Rene Gracida of Texas is calling for the Laity to Rise up – not just in writing but vocally even against the pulpit of dissident Priests and Bishops during Homily and or bible classes when heresy is being preached or taught

It’s clear there are two Churches in the Church since the days of the French revolution and partially implemented at Vatican II but now with the dissident Bishops and Priests approaching sheer majority

The Download—The Great Unrecognized Crisis

He reminds us that there was a time in the Church where the majority of the Bishops of the Catholic Church were in the Arian heresy

To his point we see the Adventists and Jehovahs Witnesses on the rise – the nuances of the new Rite leaning towards an “Arian interpretation in many Scriptures” and the majority of the Liturgy of the Hours Prayers of the new Rite’s Divine Office breviary not being the balanced approach to closing prayers – aka on one day Closing Prayers to God the Son in unity with God the Father and God the Holy Ghost and or the same with prayers to the Holy Ghost in union with God the Father and God the Son – Now largely unlike the pre-conciliar Trinitarian alternating focus instead suppressed and all prayers in an unbalanced Trintiarian formula similar to the way the Arians prayed are ONLY to God the Father –  The Pentecostals do the exact same thing in the opposite end of the unbalanced Trinitarian spectrum in naming Jesus – not just primarily but only You must remember that half the Pentecostals after the Azuza street split remained Unitarian – which is also a form of Arianism only they believe that Jesus is God the Father – the other half of the Pentecostals became Arminian which is a break away from the Methodist base with some strains of Calvinism on some fronts mixed in – This is the branch of Pentecostalism that influenced the Catholic Charistmatics as well as formed the majority of all the current break away evangelical assembly religions

If you read about the theology of Jacobis Arminius it will answer 80% of all heretical teachings of Christianity you ever wondered about and all of it’s incorrect Scriptural exegesis – None of which can be proven to have ever existed one day before the birth certificate of this man – important link – below

When we say TWO CHURCHES – what do we mean ?


In Pennsylvania the District Attorneys in the area of the Altoona /Johnstown are recommending to a grand jury that the sexual abuse covered up on dozens of Priests over a 50 year period by a group of interrelated Bishops be brought up against them using US Organized Crime Law of RICCO Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act

In PA yesterday another Priest was suspended this one in North- East PA area of Scranton

Northeastern Pennsylvania priest suspended over abuse claim

So what do we mean by the two Churches ………This area Pennsylvania –  Massachusetts suburbs – west of the big cities of also Conn – and New Hampshire are the core of where some of the strongest faithful orthodox Catholics have fortress-ed

This Church above under racketeering and heresy is sadly the majority and admitted by many of the orthodox Catholic Bishops that this Church is in the depths of the greatest denial period it has ever seen. While  Church uniting together below is the bright shining light of the Church within the Church

If you look at the successful communities around which entire Faithful Catholic towns have risen up and united What do they have in common

Quite straightforwardly it is pre-conciliar Catholicism – family values –and the upholding staunch virtues –  the two Hearts the Divine Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary – the invisible signs

In the visible signs the commonality is the Traditional Rite – The Consecration to Jesus through our Queen via the Saint De Montfort Consecration (not some artificial morning glory – Father Gaitley method but)  via the authentic 33 Days unto which Saint G. Marie De Montfort says “All other Consecrations are inferior”

The best and only full compilation in one book of all the readings – books and reflections can only be found in this book other authentic methods require the use of four separate books plus Sacred Scripture – all contained herein

Other visible signs of the orthodoxy of the apostolates and the towns – large Catholic families- real Catholic schools and a series of towns they are attempting to convert into one town !

It can be found in the towns of New Hampshire with the Benedict Center in Richmond NH and Winchester NH with  the Slaves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

And in their same apostolate in Still River MA

It was found in the same way in Griswold Conn with the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculata around their Bedford MA and Maine NY Chapels and Friaries up until the Papal suppressions only now beginning to rebuild

It is found through the apostolates of the Tradition Family and Property (American Society of same international org) headquartered in Herndon PA and their De Montfort Academy boarding school for 7th through 12th graders

It can be found in Marytown Illinois with the Kolbean community there

It is found in these main places as well as entire network of Traditional Rite Chapels connecting the dots every place in between – from Northern NJ to Upstate NY and from Delaware to Virginia

The commonality is also persecution! If a traditional orthodox apostolate was never in its history embattled – suspended or punished by a liberal US Catholic Bishop in its history and tenure it is not authentic  – full stop

This the next generation of Bishops coming in have perused all these apostolates and re-struck agreements with them making them again in Communion with the Catholic Church – Not surprising given the stark contrasts of embarrassments on their end and of course obviously they were always in Communion with the Catholic Church

This is to say nothing of all the SSPX Chapels and the many many families which is a different story and not the mention here accept to say – the pendulum swing is causing a stir amongst the US Bishops and explains the stepping up of the persecution of the “in communion” Traditional Rite all across the country and to which I could give several western examples but for lack of space another time

Moreover it is an exodus from the dissident Bishops and their apostate theologians and conglomerate dissident Catholic media and among the scandalous mentioned above along with much of the USCB – It is a rejection of the new establishment Catholic Church of the innovators and a licit embrace of the Eternal Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church and it’s teachings in an attempt to save our religion and protect our families from them but never departing from the one true Church established by Jesus Christ himself

To attempt to live between these two hearts and with the inseparable union of the Holy Ghost and Her Divine Maternity is the center of all that is true and good in everything

By the grace of God to attempt to live out inseparability

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