Liturgical Reminder: Transfer of the Annunciation

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In the United Nations call to unite disparate religions and countries around the social justice movement of abolishing inequality

The authentic opposing source can be found within – The Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

The Inequality of Rights and Power Proceeds from the Very Author of Nature –

And as the very Annunciation stands witness as antithesis

The Annunciation and Saint Gabriel –TFP

Being Modern: Apostasy or Sacred Obligation? – Revolution and Counter Revolution

The human tendency to moderate materialism

Many inadvertently overlook the connection in the Holy Week Liturgies to the inseparable nature of Baptism primarily centered in Christ’s death

In the old Rite there are three exorcism prayers and three symbolic immersions that has first and foremost the Baptism into Sacrifice and Death

Although in symbolic practice the movement to rebirth happens so quickly it over looked the passing of Christ into the realms of the Dead and how the Tomb becomes the Womb of Mary our Queen

By the inequality of parent to child the parent brings the Child to be baptized to this tomb entrusting that it will grow from a womb stage at the Baptismal font to a rebirth in the royalty courts of Christ the King

And through this door the real eschatological (end of time) becomes known to the Consecrated to Jesus through our Lady – this become the authentic re-birth and renewal of our Baptism

Consecration To Our Lady In The Early Church Father Saints – The Womb That Regenerates – pdf on the link > below

Consecration To Our Lady In The Early Church Father Saints – The Womb That Regenerates

The Angel Gabriel And The Annuncation