Dear friends and family

This is a formal retraction and apologies

Apparently the passing of Cardinal Kasper and the news on Our Holy Father was untrue and an apparent April Fools day joke by one of the normally reputable traditionalist sites that is known for having key correspondents and admin folks as contributors directly from Italy

It was not only in bad taste but in our view sinful

Normally we do the minimum 2nd and 3rd sources on anything before echoing with a cross related story but the rush to 1st Friday devotions created the perfect storm please except our apologies

A kind friend respectfully pointed out our error at/ during this past weekend’s devotions

The site, I see, was subsequently excoriated by bloggers as linked below

The Eponymous Flower: Cardinal Kasper RIP

PS The 2nd story we posted within and interview with the SSPX Bishop on the kind words and respectful news on Pope Francis with indications that the Society is moving closer to reconciliation to full communion is however valid and the video interview (In French with English subtitles) was on multiple sites including Life Site News

Sorry about that and if anyone forwarded that item please retract

PSS If the Holy Father does or says anything of a progressive modernist bend it is of course our duty to resist those statements and views and even in some case form resistance /restoration efforts to same but as Saints have done in many past centuries to all different flavors of spectrum of bad to good Popes it must be done as the witness of some of the Prefects of the highest Vatican Congregations have done – kindly and respectfully for like it or not – he is our Pontiff and must command a modicum of decency and respect even in healthy disagreement – He himself has asked, as he has publicly requested of apostolates,  that they be open to post their disagreements where applicable -as we have all seen.

Therefore let us have recourse to our Lady in our prayers for the current Pontificate administration with more humility and discernment as the shape of the US Province of Bishops may be in a much worse state than anything the Holy Father is attempting to reconcile – as also seen in the horrible attitude seen in the US Bishopric towards SSPX ”

Happy Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Queen of Heaven and Earth