Pope Leo X’ provided the informed Catholic with the  infallibly declared Bull of Excurge Domine on June 15th 1520 and provided “the items of Luther’s thesis to each be respectively, heretical, scandalous, false, offensive to pious ears and /or seductive of simple minds”

He also provided subsequent series of condemnations of the propositions of Luther’s errors which we will not go into here for the sake of time

To summarize one of Luther’s main errors, the theological and doctrinal philosophy of this religion, is on sin and the subject of it’s penance – It is according to Luther, and this religion, a matter of private judgement of personal conscience in the determining, the  ‘feeling’ the penitent has on being absolved by God – The freedom of the will to be moved by Grace in the spirit

Sound familiar ?

#1 It’s the refutation of natural law found in the philosophy of the Council and

#2 what is speculated will be the core of a heterodox Papal document on the Synod of the Family to which the revolutionaries are in  pre-release stage already doing victory laps inside Saint Peter’s square

#3 Authentic Catholic theology dictates the higher good,  as based in it’s platonic and artistolean philosophy, which is why this is a core error – We always do what we “perceive to be good but alas, our perceptions can be entirely , and sometimes tragically erroneous – As the fallen nature of man rebels against even natural law in the name of what is an ‘apparent good’

Or put more precisely in the words of these philosophers What we (humans) too often pursue is the ‘bonus apperens’, the apparent good, and not the ‘bonum verum’, the true good

The True good as we know is given to us by the eternal magisterium of the Catholic Church to which, by way of the miracle of the internet the majority ( of the world)  now has complete access to

And as more and more people are utilizing it to pull up the actual teachings of the Catholic Church and when they then find something to have been held true repetitively over hundreds and hundreds of years they intelligently are now questioning in larger and larger numbers why the new Catholic religion is contradicting Catholicism on an increasing and alarming number of items

The components of natural law – which are absolute truths – are being undermined and questioned by the idealism of the school of thought of Phyrro of Elis –

Pyrrhon Of Elis –  Resurrected Due To Western Exposure To Buddhism – Philosophies seeking a western substantive point of presence in an ancient (1st century BC ) source .


In our days this has re-emerged in one of the prism lenses through the redemption of Martin Luther in the grave through Evangelical Lutheranism – which also comes with its personal subjectivity on morals and sexual norms. its acceptance of sodomite marriage,  as well as whole host of other basically mortal sins that are now acceptable in their dogmatics

The overthrow of Catholic authority by Catholics are at work within this movement – To which question the faithful Catholic must always ask – by what authority –

Answered with the revolution’s datum ” Seeking to have a  royal theocracy be replaced by an egalitarian Christian democracy ”

This is why it is so important to this Papacy “the Lutheran commemoration event for the 500th anniversary “


Where else have you heard these familiar statement of the biblical exegesis of “pastoral “evangelical lutheranism and “matters of private judgement of personal conscience based on the feelings of the person being supposedly moved by the spirit” ?

I can show you exactly where

#1 In the anti- Marian sentiments of protestantism most particularly opposed to The Immaculate Conception which is the antithesis of Egalitarianism


#2 From Germany and from within the German Catholic Church from which the majority of all heresies to date have emerged.

The Pope’s advisors that surround him on his modernism frontlines are German – The Pope speaks German fluently and it is his major second language to Spanish

He speaks both English and Italian poorly and prefers not to speak either whenever he can and is the first Pope to have never written any ecclesial statements or pronouncements in Latin- He entertains primarily the philosophies and audiences of the German ecclesials and the french philosophers and  jewish alchemists

It is widely held  that the keeper of the flood gates  CDF Cardinal Muller {with the new required law of Curial Prefects having to step down every five years} now in a thrity something month count down to being deposed – (according to the new Francis I laws) has a growing concern rising amongst the conservative Vatican prelates that nothing can stop the moving freight train of this dissolution – The CDF -( the Prefect of the former Holy Office), by the way , on matters of Faith and Doctrine, is technically in a higher position (theologically) than the davidic Vicar of our Church

The German Church’s Opposing Voices – OnePeterFive


The  Open Letter to Pope Francis From a Former Member of the Roman Curia – OnePeterFive


#3 In the upstaging of Catholic Liturgy to be a “celebration of the resurrection” rather than the Holy week focus of Baptism as the soul’s decent into the dead with Christ and its unitive action with the the Sacrifice of Christ in the Sacrifice of the Mass – The Baptismal symbology of death in Baptism in the Old Rite is resident throughout particularly more pronounced during Holy Week which is why there has been so many attempted liberal reforms of the Liturgies of Holy Week

# 4 In the Charismatic Catholic movement

Father Raniero Cantalamessa is the famous Papal House Preacher – Capuchin and charismatic Catholic – He just delivered “ a charismatic homily” in an Easter octave Mass! directly to the Pope and his audience extolling “the virtues of the renewed Truths of martin luther” !!!

Praise for Martin Luther at St. Peter’s Basilica: “Martin Luther Had Brought the Truth to Light Again”


You will also remember in 2014 when Pope Francis exhorted all those of Charismatic orientation to follow the role model of Charismatics Cardinals Suenens and Helder Camara

Helder Camara has overseen the largest of Catholic migration to protestanstism in the world directly out of the Brazilian Charismatic movement – Something as staggering as exceeding 1/8 of their entire population of Catholics in Brazil having become protestant and the majority of that number charismatics – There are studies if people are willing to read /research – the fruit of this whole thing

This represents a firm commitment to the auto-demolition of the Roman Catholic Church – They keep saying in masonic ideology “Do not worry what it will become just continue removing the old and the Spirit will do the rest “ This is not heretical statements but apostasy

As for Cardinal Seunens (who is extolled on the Catholic Charismatic Renewal international home web pages as the highest ranking ecclesial oversight and what a great Cardinal he is ) The abuses and the radical dissident Catholicism of Cardinal Seunens dating from his involvement in Vatican II as one of the leaders of the liberal party – all the way to the present date to his involvement in propagating admittance to Holy Communion for the multiple divorce remarried at the previous Synod are too varied and numerous to mention

In this link is the recording of where Pope Francis in 2014 declares him (Cardinal Seunens) as the best model for all those inclined to charismatic Catholic.


You must understand that Cardinal Suenens  has been excoriated over the decades by dozens of Bishops and theologians in dozens and dozens of Catholic theology and philosophy books And not surprisingly enough accused of advocating for all the Lutheran ideologies and dogmatics of an egalitarian form of Church government and personal conscience only forms of morality

Seunens wrote the dissertation on the elevation of the unitive ends of marriage to equality with the procreative and later wrote to the advocating of its elevation above the procreative (Both of which violate the infallibly declared elements of the Council of Trent)

Quoted exactly he said “ a healthy evolution has removed certain taboos and has made relations between man and woman more natural “ Upon it’s adoption the French Bishops beneath him then taught moral virtues to have been demoted in its primacy and Christian ethics to have been mistaken notions and superstitions to which many of them have written books on quoting the theology of Seunens

Seunens wrote against Paul VI Humae Vitae (the encyclical that formally rejected Contraception in all it’s forms)

From the marriage sections of the Vatican II documents Seunens was the primary that sought the removal of mentions and references to Casti Connubii of Pius XI- seminal and unshakeable official Catholic teaching on marriage

The entire real encyclical on Marriage can be found here


Following the 4th session of the Council Cardinal Suenens  closed the conference of French intellectuals claiming pyrhonism victories having overthrown absolute truths with the following closing statements recorded and broadcasted

“Morality is first and foremost alive and a moving dynamism of life and therefore subject to growth and rejects any kind of fixity” He then had them pray that Catholics adopt a rejection of fixed Catholic certitudes and to come to understand that firmness of mind in Truth is an evil

(For those who have studied comparative religion –that right there is basically a luciferian type of prayer)

Here we have the link between the rebellious german philosophies of Karl Rahner and the radical French intellectuals – skipping over the place of honor that connected the two which was the French Revolution and Immanentism (the pantheistic neo-platonism)


Cardinal Suenens joined his philosophies on “the immaturity of the dogma of hell”  in claiming as both German philosopher Karl Rahner’s works do as well as the extensive works of the dissident French Jacques Maritain  have done as well as the recently promoted Father Barron to US West Coast Bishop, the latter of who continues to propagate the exact same errors on national tv!

Interestingly enough in addition to the Cardinal  having co-joined these philosophies – shortly after the CDF condemned them in 1980 and wrote a disquisition on the required Catholic dogmatics of the real existence of hell – Within a year Suenens then publicly reversed himself telling his Bishops publicly that the CDF is right on this and it is more of an ‘established norm’

Hell is empty (and more than several of them of this school preach Heaven is empty as well ) from the pulpit and the bible classes as many have heard with their own ears from several charismatic Catholic Priests preaching the same evangelical lutheranism that the dead go to sleep awaiting final judgment and these places are empty until the ‘rapturian’ end of times- The three time officially condemned  theories from one of their most read theologians  Jacques Maritain ………..


Infallible Catholic teaching dictates………..divine revelation and absolute truth ! – Upon the passing away of  any human individual the person is immediately judged at the Throne of Jesus Christ – not by the Holy Ghost nor by God the Father but by Jesus Christ himself who represents all three at a person’s judgement – The person’s soul immediately goes to heaven hell or purgatory

As Jesus said to the thief on the cross – this day you will be with me in paradise – Are we really meant to believe that heaven is still empty (except for the thief with Jesus) and that the other thief is asleep awaiting the final judgement ?!– It’s most ridiculous

At the general resurrection the body’s soul is reunited to hers or his body – as all of Thomas Aquinas metaphysics teach – and  all persons will experience the untied joys of heaven or for the damned the double suffering of soul AND body.

As for my personal belief, and as several traditional Catholic theologians have expressed,  I believe the cremated among the damned with doubly suffer and the cremated among the heaven bound will visit Purgatory for their choices – but this latter part – is not part of the required teachings of belief only what they call “pious belief”

The lutherans have always timelessly portrayed Catholics in a way in which we are of “all these actions “-” works “and movements” taking place without Faith” let alone their required Sola Fide – (Faith Alone) yet the Council of Trent says otherwise

(Council of Trent, TCT 563). In this time of confusion in the teaching of the Church we must hold fast to the unchangeable teaching of the Tradition of the Church, believing what the Church has always believed and taught “in the same meaning and the same words,” not changing one iota to the right or to the left, for falling from the Faith on one side or the other is still falling from the true Faith, “without faith no one has ever been justified”

In this same theological tract it has given rise to over a dozen different cults that have sprung up out of the catholic charismatic movement between the hybridization of protestantism with charismatic Catholicism in North America that have yet other beliefs, some too strange and too numerous to give breakdown apologetics for here.

This is no judgment of the people that follow this movement – As some of these people are some of the most devout and morally upstanding Catholics and generally good people , more so than one  can find in Society and the Catholic Church today but moreover it is an accurate acknowledgement that people are searching for Truth in light of the Conciliar revolution and attempted liberal reform of the Catholic Church that is still being fought and that millions and millions of Catholics are seeking escape from

From the Internet web pages of the

 Charismatic Catholic Renewal

Is their acknowledged problems with the movement – cut and pasted with zero alterations or amendments


 Many!. Even Jesus had problems with his chosen 12!. Remember Judas, and Peter, and the 11 at Calvary?… clean waters are always moving,even with waves; calmed waters become putrid ponds.

Here are some of the many problems:

1- Simplicity: Some Charismatics are not well instructed in the Catholic Church treasures, they live like the first Christians who didn’t had the advantage of the doctrines of the Church for 2000 years, and some of them don’t know the Catechism, not even how to pray the Our Father or the

Hail Mary, even when you see them preaching with enthusiasm and effectiveness… the priests are really badly needed in the Prayer Groups. Most Charismatics are humble enough to receive instructions, and very thankful for them.

2- “Amnesia” of the Blessed Mother: In New York we had the problem that some Charismatics didn’t care about Virgin Mary, because the Holy Spirit and Jesus and the Father were more than enough for them… we started to emphasize the fact that the Mother of Jesus was the “first

Charismatic” of the New Testament, as commented above, and now most of the Hispanic Prayer Groups start their prayer meeting with the prayer of the Rosary, praise the Lord!.

3- Disobedience: Very few Charismatics think  they have to listen to the priests because the Holy Spirit talks to them directly, and that’s enough for them and the best. And usually, a good explanation is received humbly and with gratefulness: The Holy Spirit, all along the Bible, uses people to guide and instruct us: Moses, David, Isaiah, the Apostles, the Church… obedience is love… “Whoever listens to you listens to me, and whoever rejects you rejects me” (Lk.10:16)… but priests are very much needed to take care of errors like this as soon as possible.

4- The Hierarchy: Another not usual error, but that happens: “We don’t need bosses!”. The one person I encounter with this error, was very grateful when I explained to him that the Spirit usually acts through the one in charge, through the legitimate authority: In Cana, Jesus didn’t give the wine to the people, but told the servants “to take it to the headwaiter”, and the headwaiter was the one who decided what to do with the wine

(Jn.2:8). The “headwaiter” was representing the Holy Spirit there. In the family, the “headwaiter” is the husband. In the Prayer Meeting, the leader.

In the Church, the priest, or the pastor, or the bishop… we should never do anything without the approval of the “headwaiter”. We should do as Jesus did…

5- Another error: “I only need Jesus. Religion doesn’t save, nor any church, only Jesus”. I told someone with this error that the relation with Jesus, that’s religion, because “religion” is the relation with man with God, and Jesus is God, as he well believed. And then, I told him that Jesus in person did not bring him to the Prayer Group, it was a relative or a friend, and he is representing the Church, he is the Church in action!… and

Jesus did not baptized him, nor instructed him, but a priest or a laymen, representing the Church. Jesus left us His Church to proclaim the Gospel. If

Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement http://www.religion-cults.com/spirit/charismatic.htm

you would have lived in Africa, may be you would had never even heard about Jesus, because the Church is not there…

6- Some Protestant errors may infiltrate the Prayer Group: About the Pope, the Eucharist, Virgin Mary, Purgatory, Baptism of children… and any of these errors should be tackled immediately, because the Charismatic is usually open, until he thinks of himself as an “elder” or a”somebody”.

7- Money: The Charismatics are usually very generous, and they want to buy all the tapes and material they can to learn more about Christ. And a temptation for any Charismatic leader is to set up his or her own Group, to “administer” by himself the money that comes on every service, without any other church authority to supervise him…. watch out!.

8- Within the Prayer Groups: Envy or jealousy: A person has envy or jealousy because other has a Charisma he would like to have: Healing, prophecy, speaking, singing…

9- The Charismatic Renewal is a Movement, not an Organization or Society, with religious and laymen leaders and directors, but without president, secretary, etc…. and the exercise of any kind of authority has been often the root of failures in the Renewal Movement.

9- The 7 weeks Seminary in the Spirit. See above “the problem”.

The Charismatic Renewal Movement has produce myriad groups, good preachers and healers, and not  a few near-cult offshoots. Most Charismatics, however are orthodox in doctrine and emphasize activity within the Church, and under its legitimate authority and teachings. But priests and deacons and nuns are very much needed in the Prayer Groups to show many in the Charismatic Renewal how to integrate their new enthusiasm for religious experience blessed by the gifts of the Spirit into the faith and practice of the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church.


We recommend to our friends and family in these days to  have recourse to the Novena prayers of “The Novena to The Mediatrix of All Graces and The Litanies of Saint Lois G DeMontfort” to which we will increasingly ourselves have recourse to in our own prayers for our Holy Catholic Church and our communities needs


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