Will the Pope really commemorate and have other Catholics commemorate the 500th Year anniversary of the protestant revolt against the mystical body of Christ that was led by a dissident ex-Catholic priest (martin luther) that corrupted and married a nun and had her abdicate her vows.?!


Another Vatican Congregational Prefect Steps In To Correct The Holy Father

Cardinal Müller: Catholics Have No Obligation to Celebrate Protestant Revolt


We must understand – respectfully – that the Pope believes in the central Vatican II school of Pyrrhonism – literally – and from which he received his formation as a Jesuit South American Priest


He also believes in a new world order of religions and that of the goal of syncretism of Catholicism with Islamic Mohammedanism and the elements of Judaism that form talmudic alchemy as the road to religious success of a new trinitarian order of religions to unite to enforce issues of social justice   The islamic syncretism is being pushed from several angles – grand orient lodges for sure , since that is the essence of the upper degrees, but according to Father Denis Fahey’s several white papers of research from the elements of judaism that seek dissolution of organized western gentile Liturgical Christianity – Many would be surprised to learn that Israeli jews and the large hassidic jewish communities in NYC are at virtual war with one another and the Hasidic jewish not only support the islamic advances into the eastern christian lands but provide organized financial contributions to that effort

Here in this article our Pope shows his link to having studied Emmanuel Lévinas who was a Litvak (Lithuanian Jew) who immigrated to France and became a French Jewish Philosopher of the school of talmudic alchemy, as he is highly respected and read by our Pope


He also sat with and met with Chief Rabbi of Israel Yitzhak Yosef who presented him with a metal menorah- Yitzhak Yosef publicly maintains that the only non-Jews that should be allowed in Israel are those who follow the Noachide laws and actively advocates for same (Catholics may only live in Israel if they serve Israelis and the Israeli awaiting of the true Messiah ) Pope Francis had no comments or condemnation of this, his philosophy, in their meeting where the supreme Pontiff sat at the same level as these pagan philosophers that reject our Lord and posed for photographs


This Holy Week gave us the opportunity not only to pray through the Liturgy but actually study it

The disdain the new Catholic Church has for the traditional Liturgy and the Good Friday prayers that are embedded within an unchangeable Liturgy of official prayers, that prays for the “perfidis Judæis” (the faithless Jews) and for their conversion are still extant

We must understand that the Pharisees and Sadducees were disunited in every imaginable way (socially and doctrinally) for generations and generations prior to Golgatha but for the condemnation of the Savior of the world Jesus Christ our Lord the Jews, of separated faction, came together and united to condemn him

They taunted him that if he is Divine to come down from the Cross – It should also be noted that as described in codified tradition the thief on the Cross that joined in Jesus condemnation calling him also to come down from the cross was also Jewish – while the individual asking forgiveness on the opposing cross was a pagan gentile seeking entrance into the kingdom of this jewish god –

This is analogous to the new Vatican II teachings that seeks Mercy at all costs but refuses to issue condemnation of error- They seek Jesus but wish him to come down from the Cross – they wish instead “to celebrate at Mass” and have a Thomas Crammer like Mass of a memorial meal of the last supper and celebrate instead the ‘power of the gathered assembly’ to provide the ‘spirit’ of sanctification A spirit that is in keeping with several documented heresies of yet another unbalancing a different (person) and element of the Trinity at the sake of the other two persons

This traditional teaching is also available via radio program via Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen who was forced off the air by then Cardinal Spellman – The Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen was unafraid of condemnation and knew well the authentic Catholicism where ‘condemnation of error’ and gift of Mercy is separated it becomes a love that is unreal and a mercy that is false

This new type of “Mercy” is at the heart of the philosophies of the conciliar modernism as described above and is being embraced by the current Church hierarchy. For this type of mercy is indeed a juxtaposition of a real “low” Sunday

This is no form of anti- semitism – We have many good friends that are jewish but they are indeed a faithless people – blinded from the Truth and in need of conversion – They (by majority) believe that they will be saved by their nationality and by attempting to follow the laws of the previous covenant between god and man – We love them but we must hate their sins of being like the muslims, the eastern religions and hindus -a pagan peoples – We never hate the person – we love the person and the dignity of all people but we do indeed hate their sins and true love can only inform them of same for the love of their souls.

All these things are part of the traditional and hidden Catholic religion that is desperately seeking to remake itself into something else at all costs including Truth and the abandonment of the new Church by large scale numbers of people on an international level

The masonic mantra that her old self must be reduced to ashes if she is to rise again as new phoenix is in affect

  Interview With Prefect Of The CDF Cardinal Müller Attempting To Correct Our Church Leaders With A New Book

“Mercy Can Never be a Dispensation From the Commandments of God” –


Also another New Book Highlights Conditions of Papal Infallibility, Errors in Magisterial Documents and Asks: Can the Catholic Laity Licitly Resist? Highlighted and Endorsed By Tradition Family and Property


Additional substantiation in the wisdom literature on the link………

Hatred Wisdom and Easter – What Is The Connection https://remnantnewspaper.com/web/index.php/articles/item/2392-hatred-wisdom-and-easter-what-s-the-connection

Where does an article like this come from?!

This English translation from Italian of Antonio Socci’s –  The Pope Who Wants to Put Himself in God’s Place



It’s not from his own words actually – it’s actually from the Vatican II Council decrees

When Pope Francis upstaged the conclave when he promised the college electors in the ballot promises to carry out the implementation of the Reform intended by the Council’s 2nd session’s new liberal majority we remember

Saint Pope Pius the X – who 100 years earlier saw the modernism entering the ecclesial ranks of the Church in numbers and he proclaimed that we are beginning to live in the times preached about by Saint Paul in 2 Thes 2:4  “where modern man would begin to make himself a god and claim adoration”

When Paul VI came to power at the Council and claimed for himself the 1st stages of the reform of the Catholic Church he proclaimed it and said from the platform dais ” The religion of the God who made himself man, has met the religion of man that makes himself God”

To be continued …………………

In brighter news ……..the new Liturgical year brought more traditional Catholic vocations to the Slaves Of The Immaculate Heart of Mary in the New England area


  • More warrior women like Mother Angelica against the errors of liberalism – modernism and false mercy

Requiscat in Pace

Mother in one of her apologetics against the liberal Church and Vatican II –on the link –  She had several other classics where she did battle with the US Bishops with the USCB and with the dissident Cardinal Mahony – in writing – radio – and video



Ave Maria