Excellent Overview of

“Revolution and Counter-Revolution – Historic overview by A.S. Guimaraes”

This very targeted insightful write-up has its ending in how our Faith dictates its coming to fruition “in an age of a Reign of Mary”  that will bring us to the inevitable subject of the Reign Of Christ the King in the very end


Religious Topics Grace of Contrition and Reign of Mary by Marian Horvat, Ph.D


John Pepino is the Professor of Patristics at FSSP’s Our Lady of Guadalupe seminary – In this short essay he follows the current and very positive trend of returning to the early Church Fathers of the Catholic Church as the source for referencing consistent teachings throughout history –

In his short essay he also substantiates how Justin Martyr in 180AD discussed extensively the New Eve that is Mary in our covenantal understanding of our Faith pdf on the link >

Antiquity by John Pepino Ph.D. (Part 1)

Following Justin Martyr of the 1st century public teachings on the relationship of our Lady in our Faith we have another powerful early Church Father that is Saint Irenaeus who’s apostolate came to frutition in 202 AD

He listened and learned from Polycarp AD 69 – 155 some of whose writings on paprus scrolls are (in fragmented form) still extant

Polycarp was a direct disciple of Saint John who was a direct benefactor of Our Lady’s transfixtion at the foot of the cross and the communication of the Marian element of our Faith to the rest of the apostles of succession

In this short two page article on the

“Advocate And Co-redemptrix In The Works Of St Iranaeus” by Dr. Luca Genovese – 3rd order FFI – the codified relationship is brought into clearer focus – pdf on the link >

Advocate And Co-redemptrix In The Works Of St Iranaeus by Dr. Luca Genovese

We all know what’s coming and we all know what we are bracing ourselves for and that many will come to contradict us in what needs to be done next if and when the current Pontificate abdicates Catholicism and seeks to exchange it for an environmental and social welfare system in conjunction with the United Nations

The apprehension of Catholics on the eve of the Post-Synod Exhortation – By Professor Roberto de Mattei


Our Lady, Guardian of the Faith > On TFP  “Fides intrepida” Our Lady teaches us perseverance in the Faith, in the Catholic sense, and in the virtue of the dauntless apostolate  even when everything seems lost


Church of Saint Catherine of Laboure, Middletown, New Jersey On Palm Sunday 2016

Church of Saint Catherine of Laboure, Middletown, New Jersey On Palm Sunday 2016

St Josaphat Church, Detroit, Michigan For Palm Sunday 2016

St Josaphat Church, Detroit, Michigan For Palm Sunday 2016

Happy Maundy Thursday and may you have a good meditative Reposition